Minneapolis airport situation, what were they doing?

Minneapolis airport situation, what were they doing?

This is a discussion on Minneapolis airport situation, what were they doing? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,233958,00.html I suppose this fits here better than in Tactical Scenarios, but it does make a person think about what they would do if something ...

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Thread: Minneapolis airport situation, what were they doing?

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    Minneapolis airport situation, what were they doing?


    I suppose this fits here better than in Tactical Scenarios, but it does make a person think about what they would do if something similar was going on before their flight. Not saying that it was anything, but then again, who knows?
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    I knew there was more to that than just "they were praying."

    Ya know, as much as people get all upset about racial descrimination etc when it comes to terrorism... But COME ON!!!! Its not like the guys who hijacked the flights on 9/11 were blonde-haired kids from Omaha. They tell people to be vigilant, but the minute someone nods their head in a direction, you're automatically labeled as a racist. Unreal.
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    Either A Ploy...

    to pick up some extra 'change', or a dry run...either way, they should have been detained. Dirtbags in 'training'.

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    I haven't seen it anywhere, but did anyone ask them why they wanted seat belt extenders (that were placed under the seat unused.. )...curious if they had stated a reason..
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    Strategically placing themselves in the front,middle and back of the plane was enough. Asking for additional equipment that was not needed was suspicious.

    Acting like a bunch of jerks in that environment where they should have kept their mouths shut and been quiet was of their own doing. They had a purpose and may have already fufilled it by raising enough of a stink about harrasment and discrimination that the next group that tries the same thing will get further because that airline will be afraid to do anything about them because its easier and less painful for them to ignore it....thus setting the stage for another possible attack in the future....one itty bitty step at a time.

    Brilliant and calculated.
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    I would agree with “Hot Guns” Not all terrorist attacks need to involve explosives and guns, do they?
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    It was planned to increase "cultural sensitivity", and decrease security by making officials more reluctant to act.
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    I think it was a dry run, or at least an attempt to weaken security, like tanksoldier said, by making officials less likely to act out of fear of offeeeeeeending the religion of peace.

    Here's another source with downloadable police reports:
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    Sorry to say it folks but - ''profiling" coupled with behavioral assessment etc is necessary, however uncomfortably it may sit. ''PC'' has to take a back seat.

    We seem to have two extremes - on one hand some things are so PC it's absurd, then - some aspects of security are so potentially extreme as to deprive lawful people of normal privacy.

    Part of terrorism is ''keeping us guessing'' and maintaining a sense of disquiet - wondering ''what's next''. This could well be a circumstance in reinforcing that category.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Team American View Post
    I haven't seen it anywhere, but did anyone ask them why they wanted seat belt extenders (that were placed under the seat unused.. )...curious if they had stated a reason..
    I would think they would be a good improvised weapon......strap with metal end....I could do some severe damage with that.
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    Patriot, I'm not going to flame you. I do disagree with some of what you have said. Have you looked at the freedoms or lack thereof in the countries where the Islamic religion is predominant. I do not want to devolve into a discussion of religion here as that is not what this board is for. I don't blame all muslims for terrorism, nor do I blame all Arabs.
    However I do not subscribe to your conspiracy theory either. The leaders of our country good or bad were put there by the vote of the people and can be changed by the vote of the people. The freedom to speak out against this country has been guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights apart from the Bible or the Koran, that can't be said of the middle eastern countries.
    To compare our country with Nazi Germany is in my opiniopn going way to far and is not appreciated.
    The greatness of a country can be judged by the number of people that wish to be a part of it and the United States is by far the Country that is receiving the greatest influx of people.
    You mentioned the crusades which gave Christianity a bad name, not all Christians were involved or believed in doing it but it reflected on all just the same. That is what is happening to Islam. If it is a religion of peace let the Islamic people themselves put a stop to terrorism or at least stop harboring them.

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    Wow! That made my eyes bleed! I couldn't read it all because I fell asleep...twice!

    Seriously, I appreciate your comments and won't flame you. Everyone has a right to speak and everyone has a right to their opinion.

    I think that if I were traveling with 6 other people, strategically picked my seats as they did, checked only one bag, a couple of us only had one-way tickets, we started to pray before boarding/take off, and then asked for seatbelt extensioners I would probably have been questioned too! It is not about religion, it is about WIERD!

    The news picks up on the fact that they are IMAMs and even puts it in the title of their story. So what! They could have been the Teletubbies and I would have wanted them pulled off the plane. We don't need any further "situations" in this country.

    If we would have done this before then this man and thousands of others wouldn't have lost their lives!


    God Bless them! Never forget them!

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    would you even want teletubbies acting "normal" on your plane?

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    Patriot; IMO you dont believe in the Christian Bible, or your rant would have been much shorter!!

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    same as above.
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