California and Out of State LEO's

California and Out of State LEO's

This is a discussion on California and Out of State LEO's within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I will be traveling to Calif soon and intend to carry (as I have numerous times there) under the LEOSA. I will be flying and ...

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Thread: California and Out of State LEO's

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    California and Out of State LEO's

    I will be traveling to Calif soon and intend to carry (as I have numerous times there) under the LEOSA. I will be flying and of course legally declaring the firearm in my checked luggage. Problem is the selection of firearm. Usually carry a small B.U.G. Such as my Springfiels XDs which is off in recall land at this time. So I intend to carry my Glock 23 and regular (greater than 10 round ) mags. Will this be a problem? When I fly back home I'll have to declare the weapon again and when TSA inspects it I don't want to get into a peeing match about the mags. So does California waiver out O's state LEO's?


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    No clue, but I'm interested in what the answer is. Have a good time and stay safe.
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    They have a waiver for current LEOs But Im not sure about retired. Also if you are flying into the Bay Area be very careful because they dont honor most rights there. They will not allow their own retired LEOs LEOSA rights. They dont even allow off duty carry for their current LEOs. Its not a place I go often. DR

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    I think under LEOSA you have to comply with state law and any restrictions it imposes on the general populace--mag limits included.
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    I am going to follow this one for my personal interest. Hopefully, a Bay-area LEO will respond.

    In my area, in Texas, I am going to treat a visiting LEO as if he has all the carry privileges of a Texas LEO. It would be nice if all states would see it the same way! Of course, the way a Texas 30.06 sign is worded, it applies only to Texas CHL carriers, and non-residents with licenses and permits recognized by Texas, anyway, having no bearing, as I see it, on those carrying under the provisions of the LEOSA.
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    This will be interesting to follow! This just reinforces why I rarely travel North of the Mason Dixon line!
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    Interesting to say the least, I will be following this myself even though I'm not a leo.
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    Order LEOSA Advisory Cards for Law Enforcement Only! | CalGunLaws

    Some links which may help you.

    Let us know how it turns out. I understand they supply State Pen inmates stationary and stamps.

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    Why should LEO, off duty ,out of their assigned area or retired be give any special treatment?
    They should be treated no different that any other citizen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerranger View Post
    They dont even allow off duty carry for their current LEOs. Its not a place I go often. DR
    Unless you're referring to a specific circumstance of which I'm unaware, this is not true. I know a couple bay area LEOs, one who works for SFPD and the other in Dublin. They both carry handguns off-duty.

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    Under LEOSA, you have the same carry privileges as in-jurisdiction LEO's. If the host's LEOs can do it, so can you. There are no mag restrictions on you unless the same restriction applies to the host's LEOs.

    However, and this is the one that has tripped up retired LEO's who travel to another state under LEOSA, you MUST have qualified in your home state within the past year at the same proficiency level required of currently active LEO's in your home state and you must be able to prove it. Carry any documentation with you that shows the last time you qualified. In the event of an incident, the host DA is going to have a lot of sway regarding how you are handled.

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    Calguns LEOs -

    This is a group of LEOS from california I would bet you can get your answer there.



    I know the subject has come up between my brother retired leo and my son current eputy Sheriff.

    Nobody wants to be the poster chil for a court decision. They both beoieve under ten rouns is the way to go in California for my brother now that he is retired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty901 View Post
    Why should LEO, off duty ,out of their assigned area or retired be give any special treatment?
    They should be treated no different that any other citizen.
    You may not like it, but its Federal law.........

    Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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