Newly discovered pics of Pearl Harbor

Newly discovered pics of Pearl Harbor

This is a discussion on Newly discovered pics of Pearl Harbor within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Photos were found on an old Brownie camera. Thought you might find these photo's very interesting, what quality from 1941. These are pictures of Pearl ...

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Thread: Newly discovered pics of Pearl Harbor

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    Newly discovered pics of Pearl Harbor

    Photos were found on an old Brownie camera.

    Thought you might find these photo's very interesting, what quality from 1941. These are pictures of Pearl Harbor found in an old Brownie stored in a foot locker. They were taken by a sailor from the USS Quapaw (ATF-110). They are spectacular....

    On Sunday, December 7th, 1941 the Japanese launched a surprise attack against the U.S. Forces stationed at Pearl Harbor , Hawaii. By planning his attack on a Sunday, the Japanese commander Admiral Nagumo, hoped to catch the entire fleet in port. As luck would have it, the Aircraft Carriers and one of the Battleships were not in port. (The USS Enterprise was returning from Wake Island, where it had just delivered some aircraft. The USS Lexington was ferrying aircraft to Midway, and the USS Saratoga and USS Colorado were undergoing repairs in the United States.)

    In spite of the latest intelligence reports about the missing aircraft carriers (his most important targets), Admiral Nagumo decided to continue the attack with his force of six carriers and 423 aircraft. At a range of 230 miles north of Oahu, he launched the first wave of a two-wave attack. Beginning at 0600 hours his first wave consisted of 183 fighters and torpedo bombers which struck at the fleet in Pearl Harbor and the airfields in Hickam, Kaneohe and Ewa. The second strike, launched at 0715 hours, consisted of 167 aircraft, which again struck at the same targets.

    At 0753 hours the first wave consisting of 40 Nakajima B5N2 "Kate" torpedo bombers, 51 Aichi D3A1 "Val" dive bombers, 50 high altitude bombers and 43 Zeros struck airfields and Pearl Harbor Within the next hour, the second wave arrived and continued the attack.

    When it was over, the U.S. losses were:


    • USA : 218 KIA, 364 WIA.
    • USN: 2,008 KIA, 710 WIA.
    • USMC: 109 KIA, 69 WIA.
    • Civilians: 68 KIA, 35 WIA.
    • TOTAL: 2,403 KIA, 1,178 WIA.


    • USS Arizona (BB-39) - total loss whe n a bomb hit her magazine.
    • USS Oklahoma (BB-37) - Total loss when she capsized and sunk in the harbor.
    • USS California (BB-44) - Sunk at her berth. Later raised and repaired.
    • USS West Virginia (BB-48) - Sunk at her berth. Later raised and repaired.
    • USS Nevada - (BB-36) Beached to prevent sinking. Later repaired.
    • USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) - Light damage.
    • USS Maryland (BB-46) - Light damage.
    • USS Tennessee (BB-43) Light damage.
    • USS Utah (AG-16) - (former battleship used as a target) - Sunk.


    • USS New Orleans (CA-32) - Light Damage.
    • USS San Francisco (CA38) - Light Damage.
    • USS Detroit (CL-8) - Light Damage.
    • USS Raleigh (CL-7) - Heavily damaged but repaired.
    • USS Honolulu (CL-48) - Light Damage.


    • USS Downes (DD-375) - Destroyed. Parts salvaged.
    • USS Cassin - (DD-37 2) Destroyed. Parts salvaged.
    • USS Shaw (DD-373) - Very heavy damage.
    • USS Helm (DD-388) - Light Damage.


    • USS Ogala (CM-4) - Sunk but later raised and repaired.

    Seaplane Tender

    • USS Curtiss (AV-4) - Severely damaged but later repaired.

    Repair Ship

    • USS Vestal (AR-4) - Sever ely damaged but later repaired.

    Harbor Tug

    • USS Sotoyomo (YT-9) - Sunk but later raised and repaired.


    • 188 Aircraft destroyed (92 USN and 92 U.S. Army Air Corps.)
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    More Pictures in this series.....

    I had to split the posts to get them all in. Enjoy....
    Attached Images
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    Wow! I guess there was a lot of subject matter to shoot on that day...
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    There was a good program on the attack a week ago in which a group of historians and retired USN personnel "re-fought" Pearl Harbor.

    In the scenario, the U.S. received several hours warning of the pending attack and sortied the fleet to intercept and engage the Japanese. USS Enterprise steamed towards Pearl Harbor to assist.

    According to a computer program that assessed tactics, damage, casualties, etc., the U.S. would have suffered far greater losses in personnel as the capital ships would have been sunk in deeper waters with nearly all of their crews reminicent of HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse which were also sunk by Japanese aircraft.

    The computer also assessed that the Japanese would have lost approximately 75 aircraft (the bulk of their carrier aircraft).

    One former USN admiral did not agree with the loss estimates of the Japanese aircraft.
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    those pictures are amazing. It will live in infamy, indeed.

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    You know, I'm young and whenever I read or heard elders talking about Peal Harbor I always remembered thinking it being as a very bad thing that happened in history; but only that. It's odd though, because now, after 9/11, I finally understand why so many elders speak so highly of their country and have a strong patriotism.

    There is something unexplainable about a disaster like Peal Harbor and 9/11 that wakes people up from their every-day lives and makes them more patriotic than ever before.

    I might not be explaining myself clearly, but after 9/11 I finally completely understood the driving force behind us Americans after Pearl Harbor.
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    The Quality of the pics is amazing

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    Some of those are beautiful. And haunting.

    Strange how some images can so eloquently capture a moment's "pulse," such as this image of the WTC towers on 9/11 ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tros View Post
    I might not be explaining myself clearly, but after 9/11 I finally completely understood the driving force behind us Americans after Pearl Harbor.
    I grew up in a home where WWII never really ended. It just took me a lot of years to figure out why it had affected my father so deeply. My father enlisted in the Navy right after all of this and ended up in the first Sea Bees outfits. He participated in 5 amphib assaults from the Solomons meat grinders to Okinawa, worked as a combat diver and if you think engineers didn't see combat read the history! Almost all his friends where killed in action and he was in a combat zone for three years. Since you weren't issued a weapon you had to recover one from a Marine who no longer needed it. I still have the fighting knife he made from downed aircraft and a file.

    As I grew up I always wondered that he didn't like swimming, loud noises and hated anything Japanese with an incredible passion. He would even refuse to walk on the same side walk. The last few years of his life he opened up just a crack on the things he'd seen and done. The incredible concequences of that day and that entire war are probably far greater than anyone today can calculate. It shaped an entire generation, our country and world.
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    Amazing pics.
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    there is a video on you tube with all that set to music.....
    very compelling...
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    When I was in the Marines, I was stationed for a while at Ford Island, which is part of Pearl Harbor. The Arizona was maybe 1/2 of a mile from my Barracks. The big tower in the movie Pearl Harbor was maybe 100 yards from my barracks. Even today some of the stuff still looks the same. Really nice pictures.
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    Staggering! Pretty amazing too that a film latent image can survive such a vast length of time and yet still yield positives that show so much quality - tho I'll hazard a guess they needed some tweaks and enhancements.

    Remarkable tho and more pictorial evidence of one of histories very black days. Thx Bumper.
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    Those are amazing pictures!

    I'm going to play the bad guy and ask if you know whether or not those were authenticated?

    The reason I ask is that they are almost to good to have been in a camera, in a foot locker of 60+ years given the state of film manufacturing back then. I mean heck, I've got Kodak Ectochrome (sp?) slides that can barely be seen from the Vietnam era after only 35 years.

    I do hope they have been since anything that adds to our knowledge of history is always welcome.

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    Black and white film survives longer then color or slides. It also depends on what temp the film was kept at. The lower the temp the longer it last. Film starts to process the moment it is made, old film was more 'green' when manufactured, meaning that the chemicals were newer. Professional film is 'riper' meaning that the chemical process is further along. Professional gives sharper photos but won't last as long unprocessed. I had an ole role of BW film I found dated 1940 for a 620 camera, I shot the photos in 1960 and didn't process till 1971 and the film was in my camera bag at home while I was overseas and I had no control over how it was kept. The pictures came out fine.

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