Days in Court

Days in Court

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Thread: Days in Court

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    Days in Court

    Today I wasted a perfectly good day by spending it in court.

    Dont get me wrong, I have no problems being there IF I am needed but today wasnt one of them.

    I got a subponea for a guy I popped back in Novemember for DWI2,reckless driving and open container. Me and the guy that did the certified test.

    BAC tested at .18.

    The reckless driving came form the fact that he nearly took out an SUV with a family in it with a near miss head on collision going about 70 MPH in which the SUV had to hit the ditch to avoid collision. Another second or so later and it would have been all over...

    Luckily, I was behind the SUV and witnessed the whole thing.

    When I finally got the guy stopped, he had a half empty can of Busch Lite in his lap. The fool could have chucked it and I'd have never seen it. I guess he didnt think that far ahead. In the passenger seat was 16 emptys and one full can in an 18 pack box. So I wrote him for open container.

    He flunked the whole SFST and spent the night in jail.

    He "plea" bargained out by admiting guilt on the DWI 2 the deputy prosecuter agreed to drop the charges on open container and reckless driving. If he had talked to me about it there would have been NO WAY he got out of those to...ecspecially after endangering a family like he did.

    I had him DEAD to rights and that danged lawyer let him slide.

    So I basically sat there most of the morning for nothing.Did I ever mention that I HATE laywers ?

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    I never understood that.

    How people can get totally intoxicated (to the point where they can barely walk) and then drive.
    Good Thread HotGuns
    All you can do is just keep "plugging away" & do your job. Your efforts ARE appreciated here & that's for certain.
    The "revolving door" of our "justice system" really stinks sometimes.
    I don't care what anybody says or how stupid they are ~ or what lame excuses they use...when you are drunk AKA "smashed" KNOW that you're drunk.
    Do these people have rocks for brains or what?
    I just watched Court TV yesterday ~ An idiot "drunk out of his head" ~ driving ~ & killed two innocent young girls in another vehicle.
    I guess these DUIs need to actually kill somebody or cause a serious accident before they ever get what they really deserve.

    Years ago some drunk P.O.ed driver ran my wife off the road...coming directly at her at about 60 MPH ~ as best as she could estimate.
    She had to go up over the curb & onto the sidewalk to avoid being creamed. She has had terrible (almost daily) neck problems ever since.
    Needless to say ~ I hope that particular driver is rotting in Hell right now.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns
    Did I ever mention that I HATE laywers ?
    I'll post you a good lawyer joke I heard today over in "off topic" :hah:
    Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde; Beware the anger of a patient man.

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    And to think these same lawyers are the ones saying law abiding citzens shouldn't carry or possess guns to protect yourself and your family. It's storys like this that really **** me off!!!
    Let sleeping dogs lie.

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    Been to court once for a criminal case was supeoned(sp) as a witness sat there for 4 hours and cops come over and say you can go they let um plea out he was a P.O.ed as i was at least i got paid for the day as i saw it happen on the job and got served there too..

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    Interesting comment on court TV

    Somebody E-mailed in & suggested that Bars/Bartenders "check" patrons car keys as they enter the bar & when they are ready to leave ~ have them blow a quick Breathalizer test & NOT return their car keys unless they fall under the Blood Alcohol Limit.

    That sounds like it would work GREAT ~ until all those "Spare Sets" of old car keys start getting checked.

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    A bar I heard of had a trick plant, some Austrailian thing that would wilt if touched. The bartender would tell the drnk it was alochol sensitive, and would quiver if he was drunk. Then the thing woul wilt to the floor, and Mr Intoxicated would go "Gosh, I MUST be plowed...." Guess it worked pretty well.

    We have Extreme DUI now, anything over .13 IIRC, and that nets you a nice 3-5 YEARS in Florence West DUI yard.
    If total government control equals safety, why are prisons so dangerous?

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    The officer who observed and ticked these people is in a good position to talk with a senior class about drunk driving, it doesn't matter if they are of drinking age or not. My friends son got caught twice drinking and driving under age. Parents may be liable for damage and injury suite(I am not a law person but think they would).
    Why would an officer who see's this stuff help??? Because at the end of the story he can say "you drink and drive I promise to lock your ass up, period". I would be for giving the officer a day off from duty for doing this. Just my .02 cents.
    As you slide down the banister of life,
    May the splinters never point the wrong way.
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