No matter how you feel about Nixon watch this please

No matter how you feel about Nixon watch this please

This is a discussion on No matter how you feel about Nixon watch this please within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So many have served and so many have suffered yet we continue to put them in harms way without the intention of winning. Welcome home ...

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Thread: No matter how you feel about Nixon watch this please

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    No matter how you feel about Nixon watch this please

    So many have served and so many have suffered yet we continue to put them in harms way without the intention of winning.

    Welcome home Brothers and Sisters

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    Twelve minutes very much worth watching...thanks for the post.
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    Have seen it before, but it still makes me misty eyed seeing it.

    Like many others here I was in uniform during Viet Nam. We were cursed, spat on and called baby killers, yet we held our heads up and did our jobs. We had brothers being held as POW's and we looked forward to their return. Many returned, broken in body, but not in spirit or in their love for this country. There are still many more still unaccounted for. We will never forget.
    Freedom doesn't come free. It is bought and paid for by the lives and blood of our men and women in uniform.

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    Thank you.
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    I had the honor of being there to see the POW planes taking off for Clark AFB. I was assigned to Operation End Sweep.
    Second Amendment: The difference between politicians and rulers.

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    I became friends with Stalag 17 survivor, Ned Handy, when he was writing "The Flamekeepers". I worked in a Mail Boxes etc when I was about 19, and he come in every day to make copies. That's about two hours worth of incredible WWII stories every day for months. He was the most interesting person I've ever known. Also, "The Flamekeepers" is a more than worthwhile read, and not just because we got a thank you in the book
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    Never be forgotten.
    Heroes every Damn one.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails No matter how you feel about Nixon watch this please-pow-mia.jpg  

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    That was one of Nixon's finer moments for sure, I recall seeing it at the time too.
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    Very moving...Thanks for sharing...
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    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Well worth the watch, Let us never forget!

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    That was heart warming to say the least. As a young airman, I thought highly of Pres. Nixon. Unfortunately he surrounded himself with bad people and fell prey to them, not am unusual occurrence for people in high positions.

    Now you're only welcomed to the WH if you're on the winning team of some sport. Likewise, they never lower the flag for the death of the common service member.
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    Thank you for posting that most touching video. Yes, there are tears in my eyes.
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    This thread is hard to get through as well as the video. Before I turned 21 the voting age was dropped to 18. I was 19 or 20 the first time I ever voted and I voted for Nixon in 72.
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