I find in my life stress is an ever changing thing. When in war I learned to operate and deal with stress. Using many tricks taught to me by old guys they were probably 25 or so. Some black humor can go a long ways with dealing with sights and smells. Sme mental distancing yourself from the opponent. Thinking of the enemy as not human but less than human.

The memory of those times is fragile it does not represent the truth only what I remember. During stress and I don't just mean shooting the aftermath and sights and smells do funny things to a memory. When we look at the write up for medals we find the recipient often doesn't remember the incident the way the person writing up the award remembers it.

Officers who were thought to be hiding facts may only be telling the truth as they remember it. The assumption up until recently was the officer was trying to make themselves look better in the shooting while infact they may be telling the truth as they remember it.

I thought this study was worth reading and I stay on their list the information sent is worth at least reading.