Peace Officer Off-Duty Carry Poll

Peace Officer Off-Duty Carry Poll

This is a discussion on Peace Officer Off-Duty Carry Poll within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just for fun, let's see what professional Peace Officers carry off duty. I suspect the sample pool on this forum will be biased, so this ...

View Poll Results: What do Peace Officers carry off duty?

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  • I usually carry a sidearm that is about the same size/weight as my duty gun while off duty

    7 14.58%
  • I usually carry a sidearm that is smaller/lighter than my duty gun while off duty

    29 60.42%
  • I usually do not carry a sidearm off duty

    1 2.08%
  • I carry the same sidearm on duty and off

    11 22.92%
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Thread: Peace Officer Off-Duty Carry Poll

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    Peace Officer Off-Duty Carry Poll

    Just for fun, let's see what professional Peace Officers carry off duty. I suspect the sample pool on this forum will be biased, so this is more for fun than for statistical significance.
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    I tote a G21 on duty, but lately I've resorted to an HK Compact 9 for everything else.
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    Sig P220 on duty, Kahr PM9 off duty. Sometimes a Kahr k9 (love those steel guns) but the PM9 is just too perfect to leave home very often. It doubles as an on duty backup as well. After 5 years on my ankle getting banged around and dunked into puddles, it still looks and functions like it did when I took it out of the box. Such a great little pistol.

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    While I carried a revolver (model 10 4" HB) I carried a Smith model 36 2" off duty.

    Later when we transitioned to Auto loaders I carried a Glock 19 as a service pistol, I carried a Glock 26, hated it. Got a Kahr, wasnt real happy with that, and went back to my S&W roots and carried a 640.

    Lucky as I was I was authorized to carry the Glock 19, the S&W 10, and a S&W 64 3" HB R/B. I'd switch back and fourth when the mood strike me. Most of my career was spent working in plain clothes or business attire. I ended up switching back and fourth as my clothing dictated.

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    Rockland County, NY
    On duty was a Glock 19, off duty a Ruger SPNY. Since retirement in '10, first a Kahr PM9 and now a PM40.

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    Carried my duty gun on/off duty until I retired. Now I carry a Glock 27 or 31C most of the time. Even while working my part time gig, they do not allow the 1911 and the pay is too good to complain.
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    Although retired now (5 years--21 March), but when I did work, I carried the same gun off-duty as on-duty...familiarity...

    I still carry service size/full size handguns in .40 S&W and .45 ACP...
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    TSD G19, Sig P290RS, Kahr PM9, Suarez International ECP26, Walther PPK/s, and a S&W 642-2. Just depends on my mood and location.

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    G17 duty
    Off duty it's mostly the G30
    Sometimes Keltec P11, very seldom the 642 (backup on duty)
    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA RSO, Instructor

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    S&W 64 as a rookie, with a 640 Centennial as my BUG and as my off duty. Once we went to semi-autos I carried the Glock 19 and I still carried the 640 as my BUG and as my off duty. Now that I'm retired, I switch between my M&P 45c and my 640. My clothing and situation decides which one I carry. Since I bought the M&P 45c, my Glock 19 has been spending a lot of time in my safe.---Sturgis
    S&W 340 M&P .357
    S&W 640 and S&W 64 .38 Spl
    Glock19 9mm
    S&W M&P 45C
    Mossberg 500
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    I carried a M&P 40sw Fullsize on duty, but after I retired in 2010 at the age of 52 with 30 years service I generally carry a glock 27 in a infidel IWB kydex holster abt 75 % of the time. When I can't carry that then either a S&W 642, or kel Tec 380 other times. I have at times just had a naa 22mag revolver in my pocket.

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    I have to carry a Glock 9mm on duty. Not a bad weapon, but not my preference. Off duty is a Kimber Custom Carry II in .45 ACP. Sometimes a baby Glock for pocket carry in the heat.
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    Now GLADLY retired...last duty gun was a GLOCK 22 .40S&W; BUG was GLOCK 27 .40S&W. The 27 is now my EDC CCW.
    LEOSA Qualified: Semi-auto and revolver.

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    Central Kentucky
    Duty is a 22. Authorized are also the 23 , and 27 for a BUG, or off duty use.

    Sometimes I carry the 22, but mostly the G27 gets the nod.
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    I carried a S&W Model 19 on duty with a back up Colt Commander and off duty carried Model 27 with Colt Commander. For the record when I was a Deputy according to our Sheriff we were never off duty but we did not get involved with misdemeanors only felonies and if we were caught without a weapon on our person on our day off we lost 2 days off but that was the old days.
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