D-Day through the eyes of a survivor

D-Day through the eyes of a survivor

This is a discussion on D-Day through the eyes of a survivor within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This is the story of my Grandfather. 70 years ago today he landed at Normandy in the second wave. He was one of the few ...

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Thread: D-Day through the eyes of a survivor

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    D-Day through the eyes of a survivor

    This is the story of my Grandfather. 70 years ago today he landed at Normandy in the second wave. He was one of the few members of his company to make it off the beach alive.

    Russell Smith
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    Thank you Mr. Smith for being there and doing what had to be done. Its why we get to have the freedoms we have today.
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    3 Purple Hearts, what an amazing man!

    I fear that we might not be raising as many dedicated sons and daughters anymore.

    Thank you for sharing!
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    D-Day +70 is being broadcast on Euronews live on Sword Beach right now. Many veterans are present and about 20 dignitaries. Unbelievably, Obama will attend.

    This truly was the greatest generation.
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    Thank you for sharing his story and Thank him for his service!
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    Generation that saved the world! i.e the greatest generation.
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    My wife's uncle was a British Commando on the first wave; he was injured, patched-up and sent back in FIVE TIMES.
    He had a couple Purple Hearts before he ever got to Normandy. He just passed away 3 years ago at 87 after chest pains from digging a bush out of his yard.

    Even sadder is, he lived right down the street from me, but wouldn't ask for help. Quite a generation, indeed.
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    The post WW II generation are in my opinion, the people who should be the MOST respected.

    THEY are the ones who built this country.
    THEY are the ones who fully understood the words (duty, honor and patriotism)
    THEY are the ones who did not whine how bad things were when they got home.
    THEY are the ones who knew a swift kick in the rear end was not only necessary, but also a good thing at times.
    THEY are the ones who's bravery may have only been exceeded by some people who told the king to stuff it and formed a new country.
    THEY are the ones who knew the meaning of "pulling up your bootstraps" rather than the GOV giving you bootstraps AND pulling them for us.
    THEY are the ones I wish were here now!

    Thanks for your post..and tell your Grand dad thanks for me.
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    Wow Recon. Thanks for sharing...
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