What did you do 9/11/2001?

What did you do 9/11/2001?

This is a discussion on What did you do 9/11/2001? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I apologize if this has been asked before but... What did you do when bad things started happening? Did you: 1. Stay at work 2. ...

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Thread: What did you do 9/11/2001?

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    What did you do 9/11/2001?

    I apologize if this has been asked before but...

    What did you do when bad things started happening?

    Did you:

    1. Stay at work
    2. Stay at home
    3. Go back to sleep
    4. Head for home
    5. Barricade the door
    6. Other?

    I left work and drove the hour+ home. I did not have my carry permit at this time so I was unarmed but I did have a few supplies with me.

    I don't know anyone else that I worked with or have talked to that actually responded as if this could be a larger situation.

    Ron (aka PapaScout)
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    Well, I was also permitless in 2001. I stayed at work and watched what was happening on a very small tv that someone had in their office. We had a elementary school right nextdoor and the town posted a cop there. He came into out place to use the bathroom because he didn't want to go into the school. I think I went home early and like everyone else was glued to the tv for the next week.

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    My experience, copied from a similar discussion on another forum:

    I signed up before it happened (and otherwise would have if I hadn't already at the time), but I remember like it was yesterday as well.

    I had just gotten shipped to my first duty station at Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan. I landed in country the night of Sept. 9/morning of Sept. 10, right before a Category 5 typhoon hit the island later that day. We weren't allowed to leave the barracks without flak jackets and kevlar helmets due to the intense wind and debris currently ransacking the island.

    My first day was pretty uneventful. Checked into the Joint Reception Center (affectionately known as JRC, or Jerk), dropped off my service record book, medical information, the usual red tape. Sat through a class on customs and courtesies, and learned how not to cause an international incident in dealing with the local nationals.

    The second half of the day was spent informing us about the terrorist threat throughout the world. We saw what came to be over the course of my career, a ubiquitous PowerPoint presentation, with slides highlighting the '93 bombing of the World Trade Center, the Oklahoma City bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah building, and other specific highlights. Although they were by no means a big threat at the time (or so we thought), we even glossed over a slide on Al Qaeda. Apparently there was some guy named Osama bin Laden that didn't like Americans very much. I remember looking around the room, and seeing nearly half the Marines in the class either nodding off or standing up in the back (something we'd do to keep ourselves awake during classroom instruction). A normal day at the office. Hurry up and wait.

    That evening, I was in my room, reading a Tom Clancy Op-Center novel, laying on the top rack of a two-man bunk. I was by the window. It was close to 10:00 at night (11 hour time difference then, before Daylight Saving Time here in the States - they don't have DST in Japan).

    I hear a commotion going on three doors down in the deck lounge. I get out of my rack to see what was going on, and walk into a lounge filled with Marines in varying states of dress. Some were still in cammies, others had stripped down to their skivvies and were getting ready to rack out for the night. The CPU player on the Mortal Kombat machine wreaked havoc on the player-controlled player onscreen, the joystick and buttons left unattended by a person who had just witnessed something that took the breath out of him faster than a sucker punch in the gut.

    Pool cues dropped with a communal thud on the table in the middle of the room, as the volume on the television rose. At least 50 Marines were crammed inside this room, no bigger than 20' by 15'. We watched... and waited.

    Minutes later, we witnessed the second plane impact. The roaring that was previously maddening shortly beforehand was enveloped by silence. Visuals took over, leaving my ears grasping for any hint of sound. I could hear nothing.

    My brief aural reverie was interrupted by the sound of a bolt being thrown forward in an M16A2. The Marines I was with and I turned around to witness a staff sergeant and a squad of Marines with him enter the now capacity lounge and declare to us that this could very well be the start of World War III.

    We were now in Threatcon Delta (this was right before they switched everything over to Force Protection Measures - http://www.slate.com/id/1008277/).

    Over the course of the next 48 hours, endless barriers, concrete dividers, and reinforced ram-proof protection devices were developed and installed at every single base on the island, where previously there was just a Marine and his rifle. Of course, there were now two to three Marines, and, depending on the entrance, a SAW or two. This was the real deal.

    Between the ongoing typhoon, the operational tempo and ensuing military reaction, I didn't leave the barracks for two days. I ran out of the menthol cigarettes I brought with me, and had to buy a pack of regulars off another Marine in the barracks. This is why I now smoke non-mentholated cigs.

    Huh. It's funny the little things you remember. I looked down at the pack I now held in my hand. Toasted tobacco. It was a pack of Luckies.

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    I was working from home that day. Since I was already at home, with FoxNews on in the background, I saw when they broke in when the first plane had already hit. A few minutes after the second plane hit, my sister-in-law called, I told her then using a couple of four letter words, who I thought was to blame. (turns out I was right) After that I started checking on family members by phone.

    I then went back to channel surfing.................

    I didn't know how widespread it was going to be, so after the second tower collapsed I was able to finally break myself away from the TV & start prepping. It was at that moment, I knew things were not going to be the same, ever again.

    I took all the fuel cans I had, filled them & the vehicles up. Checked the genset for power if needed. Had my wife go to grocery store & stock up.

    I wasn't so worried about defense as much as worrying about interruption of services. For me all I have is phone & electric. I could survive EASILY without phone, but I needed to make sure I had power for refrigeration & well water. My internet is by satellite, so I needed power more than anything else.

    After that, it was back to the boob tube to see how things were progressing.

    (Remember later, when they finally allowed commercial air traffic to resume?.....I was outside when I heard an airliner go overhead, it was a strange feeling to see that airliner.....)
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    I was a junior in high school and 16 when it happened. The principle made an announcement about it while I was in religion class. That teacher turned on the tv a couple minutes before the second Tower got hit. They kept us in school the whole day, but every teacher just had the tv on and didn't try to teach. Football practice was cancelled that afternoon. Went straight home with my brother and continued watching the news with the family all night. Parents only have a .22 rifle and pistol that I didn't know about at the time, so we didn't hunker down or anything. No real prepping, lots of praying though.
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    No permit then and by time we started leaving the building the towers had all ready fell and there was no more air traffic

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    Making ammo.
    Tried to enlist in the military again. Got denied because I was PMR last time I tried.

    Went to work at the gunshop and have never seen guns and ammo fly off the shelf so fast. We opened at 9am and were COMPLETELY out of guns, ammo, and cleaning kits by 5pm. I sold over $400,000 worth of guns and gear. Wished we got commission.

    When the first plane hit I had just woken up. My mom said we are getting attacked. I grabbed my rifle and BOB, tossed my mom a shotgun and my mom said, "Not here Rambo. The damn ******** crashed a plane into the World Trade Center." Went to look at the TV and then the second plane hit.

    Then I looked at my mom and said "Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you."
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    Called home immediately. Everything was alright so I kept the news on at work ready to bug out if necessary. Two days later I went to the range and sent about 300+ rounds of various calibers down range.

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    I was at work, Goddard Space Flight Center, just out side of DC. They kicked us out about noon and I couldn't get back to work till the Center reopened on 9/13.

    I just went home and waited for my wife (Who works IN DC) to get safely home.

    (Added: I do remember when I heard about the first plane I wondered what the weather was like up in New York. Having grown up in the city, I remembered the story about the Army Air Force bomber hitting the Empire state building in the fog. I think that was in 1945 or 46.)

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    I had just left the Army. That morning I went to the range to get it cleaned up for the day ahead. I had the radio on, and soon traded it in for a T.V. from my office. The range never did get cleaned that day.

    Later, I stayed to help out at the shop, and like freakshow said, stuff flew off the shelves. I didnt understand why... what did these people think they were going to do?

    I then went to school later in the afternoon, and got the liberal take on all the goings on crammed down my throat. I got into it with the pony tailed hippy that never did anything in his life outside a classroom, then left school early. I drove to the local reserve center to re enlist... then my wife called. I didnt even go inside.

    As I drove home, I chuckeled at the people waiting in the huge lines at the gas stations. I then went home ate dinner, and watched the news for a few days.
    The range traffic got super busy the following days, and all of a sudden people wanted to learn combat shooting.
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    First Off - anyone who wants to should tell their story at http://911digitalarchive.org and pass on what they can to future generations. I have told mine there.

    I was working the morning shift at Starbucks when it all happened. We were ordered to shut down every store from Boston to Atlanta ASAP. We did it, too. I went back to my buddy's place. I was no longer in CAP, but called my old squadron commander and told him to have some sign-up papers ready if they needed anything from CAP. He thanked me and had me and my other two buddys (old CAP mates) placed on stand-by. We waited by the phone for two days, watching the news.

    DC was a very quiet place that day. The only thing that broke the silence were the F-16's doing racetrack patterns over the town. No sirens. No normal airport traffic. No cars racing around town. Just... eerily quiet.
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    I went to my Firehouse and wathced in disbelief. We began our volunteer list of members who would make the trip north to help rescue/recover. We were asked not to depart unless requested and the request never came. I too will never forget the silence in the air that day interupted only by military planes.

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    I had worked late the night before ( a hazard of self employment ) so i was awakened by the wife with the news that a plane had hit , i was up and drinking coffee when the second one hit . Called a fiew friends , we all more or less suspected mid east influance due to the target . The rest of the day i tried to muddle thro the diachotomay ( sp? ) of the rest of my life my birthday being a national day of mourning ( no matter how (in) approprate that little bit of trivia may be ) .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    I was teaching a freshman Biology course a Jacksonville State Univeristy, my parents were flying back from my aunts in New York State (Verona) that day. I ended up canceling the rest of my classes and I went home to watch the news and wait for a phone call. Later (around 3 pm) my oldest brother called and said that our folks were okay and got grounded in Albany.

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    I live about 15 miles west of DC and my office is about 20 west of DC. My wife works within one block of the Capitol.

    After the planes hit the towers and the Pentagon, there were rumors that there was an explosion at the Capitol (not true, luckily).

    All phone circuits were jammed and I couldn't get through to my wife by either land line or cell phone. Longest several hours of my life.

    I finally got through to my wife at around 12 noon. She had been trying to get out of DC by car since about the attack began but was still in front of her office. DC and all of the surrounding area was in gridlock.

    She eventually made it to Fairfax by 3:00pm. We got home at 6:00pm.

    I have a screen saver on my computer showing the American flag superimposed over the twin towers.

    Just my way of making sure I don't ever forget what they did to us.

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