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Hard People v. Soft People - Long, but worth it.

This is a discussion on Hard People v. Soft People - Long, but worth it. within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Janq Some hard men will never be known for or called on to show their hardness publicly, but alas they will be ...

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Thread: Hard People v. Soft People - Long, but worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    Some hard men will never be known for or called on to show their hardness publicly, but alas they will be and were there if an when the chips are down.
    Well said, Janq...

    Thank You...
    "I surrounded 'em"- Alvin York

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    Very well said Janq and Animal Tracker.

    I will not attempt to draw any conclusions as to whether or not people are hard or soft, because we only truly know in our own hearts and can only prove it in times of true diversity.

    Upon further reflection after reading the posts on this thread, I am still convinced that there are more soft people in this country by percentage than ever before, yet in number there may be more hard individuals, due to increases in overall population. Of course some of those are hardened criminals, but that's beside the point.

    Regardless of whether or not my assumptions are correct, the most important aspect when comparing now to the time of the Revolution or WWII, or to our present enemy, is that the soft people seem to be controlling the debate and demonizing those who are hard enought to tell it like it is and do what is needed to take care of things. The dabte is driven by the appeazers in our culture and the enemies debate is completely controlled by the maliciousness of those who are hardened beyond our comprehension.

    Perhaps the fact that the hard people are being hamstrung and demonized by the soft at every turn is the real difference today, as opposed to times past when the hard were looked up to in the public eye and celebrated as the heroes they are.

    Who are the celebrated of today??? Not the GIs, not the Generals, not the President; Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, The Dixie Chicks and every other do nothing for your country, but enrich yourself loser on the planet. The liberal media talking heads, academic analysts, and politicos on the left are portrayed as the heores on the nightly news, as they pat one another on the back to the drumbeat of defeatist propaganda aimed at subverting the efforts to win a difficult war.

    Why do I have to hear only negativity toward our efforts to defeat our enemies and only wonder and amazement about Tom and Katie spending $500,000.00 to get married for the sake of publicity and a child concieved out of wedlock??? Why do we all know who Cindy Sheehan is, but we can't name the name of one family who is proud that their son or daughter died in service to our nation. Why do I have to hear about how wonderful Baraq Hussein Obama's message is while he blatanly states that the lives of the men and women killed in Iraq are a "waste?"

    Where are today's Regan, Patton, or McCarthur??? Worse yet, if they are out there, their message will either never be heard or will be quiclky cast aside by the left wing anit-war media machine. The average Joe will never be privy to the inspiration that someone like those men can provide to the nation in a time of need.

    We saw a glimpse of light after 9/11 through Bush and Julianni, but that flame has been under the constant assault of the peacenicks fire hose since, and I fear that it may soon be extiguished completely.

    What may happen after that is anyones guess, but I don't expect our enemies to declare victory and then express a desire to live in peace with us and our allies henceforth. Their agenda is controlled by the hardest in their culture and ours is not.
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    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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