How many victims?

How many victims?

This is a discussion on How many victims? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This may be a personal question for some so don't participate or do so anonymously if you so wish. How many CCers have been a ...

View Poll Results: What effect if any has violent crime had on your decision to carry?

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  • Have been the victim of a violent crime.

    1 1.67%
  • Have not been the victim of a violent crime.

    46 76.67%
  • Have been the victim of a violent crime, and it is at least one reason that I carry.

    10 16.67%
  • Have been the victim of a violent crime, but it is not a factor in my decision to carry.

    3 5.00%
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Thread: How many victims?

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    How many victims?

    This may be a personal question for some so don't participate or do so anonymously if you so wish. How many CCers have been a victim of a violent crime? If yes, did it influence your decision to carry?

    I voted that I have, but it was no factor in my decision to carry. I hardly think about it anymore.
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    Never a victim, but I deal with violent people every day.
    That's why I carry.
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    (knock on wood) Never been in that situation. I work at night in the city and between that and having a family were the major points to carry as much as the law allows. I have a LEO buddy who works the city and hearing his storys just reinforces my decision.
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    Never personally - for which I am thankful. I do however know of a case involving someone I know well.

    Add this to my age and lesser abilities to flee or engage physically and my decision to carry is simple. I know full well that I have to take personal responsibility for protection of self and family - no way can any cop response ever be fast enough to stop an attack.

    Closest I got to an attack was when in early 20's and I was part accosted by a less than pleasant panhandler on a train station. Fortunately he displayed no weapon and I was young enough to have taken him on had it escalated.
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    Got beat upon once during the violent 70's of the United Farm Worker / farmer conflict and stabbed once on what I think was a gang member trying to be "made" (no other apparent reason other than he had to stick a knife in me). I carry now knowing that I couldn't respond adequately to a group of people that wanted to do me harm like I did in my youth. As I said in another post, I carry because of the reduced options I have to defend myself, not so much of because I can.
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    I haven't been the victim of a violent crime.. but I put that I had and that was why I made the decision to carry.

    Reason is because I have come very very close to it. Long story short, a man who was my brothers friends uncle.. became our friends and we spent many summers at the lake with him. He started being weird, we distanced ourselves from him. A few years later, he befriends a new family and decides to start trying to shoot them.. all cuz the oldest son who he is friends with, is getting married. he was in love with him, and figured he had to kill him and his family because he couldn't have him.

    the situation, played out EXACTLY how our families decision was playing out with him. We noticed the weirdness.. mainly we thought he had a thing for me and my brother.. and quit associating with him.

    Another situation, which I suppose is the most recent case I felt I wish I had some sort of a weapon. A bum at wendy's, accused me and my gf of talking about him as soon as he entered the door. he was just out of his mind. I was fearful he was going to do something, and I was trapped with no way to defend myself except my hands. Had he pulled a weapon, we would have been in trouble. So even though a violent crime didn't happen, it was close enough to a violent encounter as I care to come.

    Anyway both those situations greatly influenced me to get my ccw permit. among all the other stuff you see happening across this country, you just never know when it's your turn.

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    yep... my wife was assaulted and robbed in my presence in Miami Beach in the eighties....

    another goof ball tried to kidnap, rob, rape(?) her in my presence in 89.. .

    (he did not see me at the time, he did right before the bullet hit him though)

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    Not a victim, but there are plenty of them around these days, sadly enough.
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    Not a victim, and CCW is a way to help prevent being a victim.


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    One word, METH. Some of the smarter makers are learning that is safer to produce out in the country. But, they have to come into towns to make money. That is where the problem is. I have a scanner set up with reception to 4 different county and city cop stations. I will bet that 25% of all the calls they respond to is somehow related to drugs. Guy gets stoned and beats woman. High school kids get some and then go home and try to destroy the house. People higher than the clouds driving, causing accidents. After they have used, most of them think they are superman and can/will do whatever they want. Get high and try home invasion to get more money for more dope. A lot of people just vacate the area when they detect a crackhead. I got tired of being scared. Not gonna happen to me or my family, if I have anything to say about it.
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    Victim and one of the contributing reasons for carrying. Walked out of my house in a quiet neighborhood. Happened to witness a drive-by and the shooter felt it was important to take a few shots at me as he/she took off speeding. God willingly, no injuries to me or anyone else. The only thing that truly got hurt was my false vision that everything in life was just peachy. I had my permit prior to the incident, but never carried.

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    Never been a victim, never used my flood insurance either.

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    A friend of mine was brutally raped, murdered, and dumped off a dirt road. I consider myself touched by it. I carried only occasionally when that happened. Now I do religiously.
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    Nope, but:

    Once had a smash & grab of my truck. Got my friend's coat but missed the 9mm under the seat.

    Got my butt kicked in school a couple times. Didn't like it.

    Had a coworker pull a knife on me. Told him to put it away before he hurt himself with it. Doubt he was going to do anything, but still scary.

    Watch the news.

    Work in EMS.

    Used to be LEO, corrections, and do private security.

    Read the armed citizen stories.

    See scary people.

    Been present when friends were attacked.
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