Preparation and Inventories

Preparation and Inventories

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Thread: Preparation and Inventories

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    Preparation and Inventories

    Given the interest in the thread on "suicide" bombers (a misnomer at best, just flat dishonest at worst), threads on 2A threats, and other threads on various types of "preparations", I am curious about the ammunition inventories most might be be "comfortable" having on hand. After dwelling on a few threads tonight, I'll volunteer my thoughts for speculation:

    Handgun ammo: 20,000 minimum per caliber
    Rifle ammo: 10,000 minimum per caliber
    Shotgun: 10,000 minimum per caliber

    Of course, the more I think about this, the larger the minimum will be, but I do have a budget.....

    Many of you reload (and I understand many of the reasons why), but I'll never reload unless forced to, so I don't want this to evolve into a reloading thread.

    What are your thoughts on inventory levels? Poll is non-public, FYI.
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    Darn.....Wish I could spell...........
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    So Richard is why prices are jacked up huh!!

    No - I have my levels and yes I do reload so that is a factor. I keep ''plenty'' of handgun ammo and consumables. For rifle I buy by the case and keep a good bit aside. Milsurp is where figures run highest as at times good deals available to up the quantities.

    I feel there is a compromize point - and while feeling the more the better, there is the budget and bills to pay aspect too. Let's say - I do not feel too uncomfortable with my current level of ''stock".
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    I think 10k is a bit much... If guns or ammo are ever outlawed, you wont be shooting much so why have all that on hand?
    If the sky ever falls there will be plenty of ammo around. Thats why I like common ammo types, such as 9mm, 45acp, .223, .308 and 12ga. I do keep a modest amount of each, and when SHTF I should have very little trouble finding ammo.
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    I'd like to have a few thousand per caliber (although the .44 cap and ball I prolly don't need that much lying around for). But being a college kid, I'm doing pretty good if I can keep a few hundred per caliber around. I also try to buy firearms the same caliber as ones I already own to keep things simple.
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    If I need ammo, I prefer to make it myself. I keep plenty of components, but I shoot most of what I make. I generally have about 1000 of each caliber on hand at any one time.
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    I selected 1-5K rds per caliber. Can't see packing more than this into the car, should I need to bug out. I've got about 2K rds in 9mm and 5.56x45mm right now.

    Would take the 9mm and 5.56, but would drop the rest at the cache and leave it. Either bugging out or holing up are the two likely options. If holing up, I'd make do. It's highly unlikely that a protracted situation would wind up with me expending thousands of rounds of any caliber. With my weapons and preparation, I'm not going "out there" to contend with BG's in firefights, so a smaller cache of ammo would last me a good long while.
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    Some would say it isn't wise to show your hand. Some of us are just paranoid.
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    Hmmm.. good one. I have components for 5,000 in handgun, loaded about under a thousand right now. Rifle should be close to three thousand if Sportsmanguide finishes delivering the order I placed in December. I am woefully short for shotgun...maybe 200 adding all types. The levels are about right for my level of shooting right now.
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    Stock in the thousands:

    Stock in the hundreds:
    All handgun calibers
    Other rifle calibers(excluding above)

    Stock levels below 100:

    I also would like to eventually have at least one firearm chambered in every popular caliber out there. In case I find an ammo stockpile, I want to have a gun that shoots it.

    Now the hard part, finding a way to afford all this ammo!

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    If I could, I would probably have at least 3-4,000 rounds available per caliber, but seeing as I live in a moderately sized apartment with an anti wife, I tend to only keep a few hundred rounds of each, perhaps a case here and there hidden away.

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    I'd like to stock 5000 or so .22lr, 2500-5000 5.56, and 1000 or more each of 9mm, .38spl, .357mag, .44mag.

    Unfortunately, I'm rarely at this stocking level. Anyone else notice how much faster it is to unload ammunition than it is to reload it? :)
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    These are my mental ammo goals for the coming possible lean times-

    9mm / 1000
    45acp / 2000
    .22 Long Rifle / 10000
    .223 / 5000
    .308 / 5000
    12 gauge 0 Buck / 200
    12 gauge 00 Buck / 300
    12 gauge Slug / 200
    12 gauge assorted birdshot / 500
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    Ammo by itself won't do much good for SHTF

    I'd keep about 5000 round each of ammo .....and
    10 cases of whisky
    10 cases of TP
    20 cartons of cigarettes
    plus the usual medical and food supplies stock piled in a good remote bug-out AO.

    I doubt paper money will be worth much but barter goods will be like gold.
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    Could You Guys Please Repeat...

    Your stock supply numbers?

    I just got a call from BATF and they wanted to clarify your stock numbers...

    I only have a couple of boxes of .22's...

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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