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Perhaps that is why two of the victims were "unarmed volunteer police officers".
Stupidest effin' thing I have heard of in a long time.

"Hey, let's put some NON-armed NON-cops in uniforms that LOOK like cops' uniforms; this way, they'll be targeted by bad guys who feel the need to take out the most likely person to resist the crime!"

And of course since they're targeted because they look like cops; and since they have no real means to fight back; they're dead meat. Sitting ducks. You might as well send soldiers onto a battlefield carrying rubber training rifles and then wonder why they were slaughtered.

NYC is run by idiots, and inhabited by many of the same who are too stupid to realize their leaders are stupid and need to be driven from office. No, instead, many of the residents there cheer the mayor and his moronic plans. They CHEER the idea of being unarmed sheep.