Cop missing, cruiser found torched

Cop missing, cruiser found torched

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Thread: Cop missing, cruiser found torched

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    Cop missing, cruiser found torched

    Hoping for the best, but this doesn't sound good, Prayers for the officer and family.

    Read it on CNN

    LINCOLNVILLE, South Carolina (AP) -- Dozens of officers and bloodhounds from across the state searched for a law enforcement officer Tuesday who disappeared after a nighttime traffic stop, officials said.

    The officer's cap, bullet casings and blood were found in a yard, and his empty cruiser was later found on fire.

    "We will utilize every asset that we need to find this officer," Capt. Mike Benton of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office told The Post and Courier of Charleston Tuesday.

    The officer, a state constable who works as a volunteer for the Lincolnville Police Department, had made a traffic stop about 10:30 p.m. Monday, Benton said.

    "He cleared from the traffic stop, and about four minutes later, the sheriff's office received a call that there were shots fired in the area," Benton said. "We found a gun and blood."

    A telephone message left with the sheriff's office Tuesday seeking further comment was not immediately returned. Along highways near Lincolnville, electronic signs listed a fugitive alert and described a black Chevrolet Caprice leaving the scene.

    The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division sent agents to help in the investigation, spokeswoman Kathryn Richardson said.

    Constables assist law enforcement agencies and may carry firearms. They must complete a basic training course at a state technical college before they can be appointed by the governor. The missing constable's name was not released.

    Lincolnville is a small town about 20 miles west of Charleston.
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    That don't sound good.
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    I would love to hear good news but this has a sinister ring to it.
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    Hope this doesn't turn the way it sounds to me,, either way no good will come from it.

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    This doesn't look good.
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    It's always so sad when good people, volunteering and trying to help their community get used, abused and hurt.

    I pray for a good outcome but I agree that it looks rather grim.

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    This looks grim for sure. I'll be watching the story.

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    Well, this week is just gong straight to hell for this area....... 2 post offices robbed Sat and Mon (those 3 guys caught yesterday), and now this???!!!

    If they have ANY hint of information on the prior stop, and the black Caprice, SLED will get to the bottom of it.
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    I agree, this does not look good at all.

    I have a bad feeling on this one.

    Prayers sent!
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    I know a couple SC Constables EXTREMELY good PEOPLE.

    He'll be in my prayers.
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    Someone is clearly trying to destroy evidence and cover their tracks...nope does not look go at all.

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    Not good.
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    Prayers to the LEO and family.
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    this is within walking distance from my house.

    its a mad house around here atm. its impossible to guess what could have happened. i dont know the guy, and havent really had the opportunity to ask any LEO's i know, as you can imagine, what they think.

    its like something out of a mystery novel, but Lincolnville is NOT much of a town...

    everyones really tight lipped atm. its strange. this wasnt a small guy, from what little i've heard, he couldnt just disappear....

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