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Thread: Criminal get's settlement

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    Quote Originally Posted by soflasmg View Post
    I'm no LEO but I've seen and heard of very effective "traffic stops".

    Some call them ambushes some call them car jackings. Depends on the venue and intent I guess.

    If LE can't figure out how to surveil a subject, take 2 vehicles and 4-6 guys and safely overwhelm and contain a subject and a subjects vehicle chop chop, then I must be missing something.

    3rd world bad guys and LE/Military do this all the time.

    No knock raids with lots o' personnel and equipment only seem to justify lots o' personnel and equipment.

    We can easily force a vehicle to stop, and we can do it while keeping ourselves safe. I said it's not in the interest of public safety to do so.

    You're using the techniques used by criminals(you said so yourself, you said "bad guys" do it all the time) and 3rd world countries as examples of what you want to see used on the streets of America? Are you serious? Sure, they might be effective at stopping the criminal, but how exactly does this help keep the public safe?

    Do you really want to be in the next lane sitting in your car with your family when 6 armed guys jump out of a car and "car jack"(your words, not mine) a possibly armed and dangerous felon? Nope, I couldn't see any risk to any innocent people in that scenario.

    Over all I would say that you are indeed missing something if you can't grasp the simple concept that it's safer for the public to arrest someone in their home than it is to do it in the middle of a public road.

    I know some people have trouble understanding this, but as previously stated, there is NO mention of this being a no-knock warrant anywhere in this story. About 95% of warrants served are standard knock-and-announce warrant services.

    Do you really think that it would take fewer personel to conduct high risk traffic stops on dangerous criminals than it does to conduct a home warrant service? If so, then you would be wrong. If we adopted the Soflasmg method of warrant service, we would need a lot more people, a lot more vehicles, and cooperation from hundreds of people assisting us in keeping innocent passers-by away from the take down area in order to make the traffic stop, and probable pursuit to follow, safer than the home warrant service.
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    Point taken SO.

    Every situation is different.

    Enter a house where there is a party going on? Things are already out of control.

    Take down a guy driving in traffic in a car? Same thing.

    I was honestly thinking of following the guy until a suitable location to stop him was found vs. a house full of people. Apples and oranges admittedly.

    When I see a newspaper story like this, then a bunch of "served 'im right", or "that's what you get" comments I get a little fired up.

    Assuming all the facts of the story are correct (ha ha) It sound like the LE guys that went into the house were asking for trouble when there was not apparently an imminent threat to the public.
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    Here's something published yesterday on this case:

    MASSILLON A man shot four years ago during a drug raid led by Massillon police will be paid $425,000 by the city's insurance.

    On Monday, Massillon Law Director Perry Stergios released a copy of the city's settlement with Shay Neace as requested by The Repository under state public-records law.

    Perry Township police officer William Watson shot Neace during the raid in March 2003. The raid occured in the 1300 block of Tremont Avenue SW and was conducted by Massillon police with help from the township.

    About 20 people were attending a party inside the home when it was raided. Watson encountered Neace, who was holding a gun, on the second floor. In prior court testimony, Watson said he grabbed the gun and struggled with Neace before firing three shots.

    In court papers, Neace said he never pointed a gun at anyone. He also said he didn't know Watson was a police officer and tried to push Watson's gun away, but stepped back and put his hands up when the first shot was fired.

    A grand jury determined that the officer took reasonable action.

    Neace, now 27, is paralyzed from the chest down. He and his mother, Michelle Neace, sued the city and township in U.S. District Court.

    The township's insurance carrier has agreed to pay Neace $100,000, according to documents obtained last week.

    Under terms of the settlements, none of the defendants admit any wrongdoing.

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