Police Raid Wrong Home, Kick Man In Groin

This is a discussion on Police Raid Wrong Home, Kick Man In Groin within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I guess we should jus be glad that they only kicked him in the groin, thereby demonstrating restraint, where an innocent could have been gunned ...

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Thread: Police Raid Wrong Home, Kick Man In Groin

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    I guess we should jus be glad that they only kicked him in the groin, thereby demonstrating restraint, where an innocent could have been gunned down.

    My dad is a cop, and my older brother was a cop, three of my best friends are on SRTs, so don't label me anti - cop. I also believe that if you surrender your rights to the Government - you never get them back.

    just my observation, (I am not a lwyer [yet], and I did not spend last night in a Holiday Inn Express)

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    I think we are all in agrement that a mistake was made, but I have to take exception to your portrait of everyone being a "hair's breadth" away from being shot, simply because a warrant was served. Hundreds of thousands of warrant services go on every year, and VERY rarely is anyone ever shot - even when they are at the right house, and the BGs are there, and the BGs do things that might have legally justified them being shot... This statement (and the entire line of thought) is a bit paranoid and unrealistic.

    My original point was (and still is) that many seem to be rushing to judgment, convicting people based on preliminary media reports, without any desire to wait for an investigation or a determination of fact. Nothing more, nothing less. If the media were always right, right away, that might be a reasonable thing to do - but we all know that they are far from right far too often.
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    I was making the point that this thread has degraded to the point of worthless jibber jabber
    I have reached the stage observing, where Sixto has a point. Most sides of the agument have been put and I really do not feel there is much more to be usefully added, without repetition or flames erupting.

    Thx to all for contributions and it might be noticed too that this type of thread subject usually goes the way of this one!
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