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Thread: Duty weapons

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    Our department just replaced the S&W 9mm with the Glock 21. BUG is .380, 9mm, 38spl.

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    My agency issues P226 to their officers and that includes the Texas Rangers. The caliber is the .357 sig. They believe that to stop the bad guy they sometimes have to shoot thru a car door or maybe break an engine block. :-)
    The Rangers that I know usually carry the 1911 because it can be cusomized easier and "looks good" but they qualify with the P226.

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    Lots of differences between the stations where I live, some carry sigs, others glocks or even some S&Ws. Pretty much all carry 45 calibers as primaries and the officers I have spoken with carry kel-tecs as BUGs. (if they carry a BUG

    From what I understand the 1911s are not allowed here either.
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    Beretta 92FS
    HK USP c
    Glock 19

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    S.O. issue is the Glock 21...but we can carry anything we qualify with.

    I have qualed with the Glock,Colt Combat Commander, and Sig P220.

    I carry a 220 on duty in uniform, for other stuff the 1911.
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    The Pennsylvania State Police issue the GLOCK G37 & G38. ~ .45GAP
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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighter4884 View Post
    NJSP has Sig 226's in 9mm.... which replaced their old HK P7's.

    I'm not sure about anyone in Indiana yet. I know a bunch of the officers that I dealt with while working EMS in NJ had Glocks in various flavors (not the type of question you ask while working on a patient...)

    At least one of the departments that deals with my buddy who runs a public safety outfitting shop (EMS, LEO, FD, etc) carries HK USP's (the full size model) not sure on caliber though.

    NJSP carry the P228.

    Here's a couple of the top of my head:

    NYPD: SW 5946/Glock 19/ Sig P226 DAO
    NYSP: Glock 37
    Nassau County PD: Sig P228
    Suffolk County PD : Glock 19
    United States Marshals : Glock 22
    US Secret Service : Sig P229 .357
    FBI/DEA : Glock 22
    Customs Inspectors : Glock 17
    ICE : HK USP Compact / Sig 229 in 40
    NYC Corrections : SW 5946 / Sig P226 DAO
    NYS Corrections : SW Model 10
    NJS Corrections : HK USP .40
    NYC Probation : Glock 26
    NYS Parole : Glock 19
    US EPA OIG : Beretta Cougar .40
    US BOP : Ruger 89
    NYS Court officers : Glock 19
    Weschester DOC : SW 6946
    NYC Sheriffs : Glock 19
    Nassau Sheriffs : Glock 19
    NYS Parks Police : Glock 19
    Columbus , OH PD: SW M&P 9
    NC DOC : SW M&P 40

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    Memphis Police Carry the Sig 229 in .40 S&W.
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    Local SO just switched from Glock 21 to Glock 31. However, some of us still carry the "good" round. ;) I just like the flying ash tray.

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    So, Gadget; we meet again.

    My Office will issue a H&K USP .40, either full size or compact. Soon to switch to the FNP40.

    Th Deputy may supply his own sidearm. Must be quality manufacture, and of .40 S&W or .45 ACP.

    I carry a Kimber Tactical Custom II primary with a Colt Defender backup. Both .45 ACP of course.
    A 9mm is only a .45 set on "stun".


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    Where ever the government says go
    My agency Issues 92sf along with a m-4

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    My employer currently issues the Sig 229 DAK in .40 s&w.

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    My agency has a list of approved .40 DA autoloaders for use as uniformed duty pistols; we purchase and maintain our own. My choice is the SIG P229R DAK. I tried a Glock G22 from 2002 to 2004, before switching to the SIG. From 1997 to 2002, I used 1911 pistols, grandfathered from a prior firearms policy. (I got away from the 1911 because my skinny hands did not always depress the grip safety far enough.) Off-duty and backup can be from a fairly broad selection of DA revolvers and autos, including single action autos such as the 1911. We must be armed with .380/.38 as a minimum, though backups can be smaller if carried with another weapon that meets the minimum. I carry at least one SP101 snubby with me all the time, regardless of what else I may be carrying. I still qual with my old favorite GP100 every year, though it is only for off-duty and backup. Any weapon we carry for official purposes, and this does include self-defense, must be fired on the qual course, and the firearm listed in the range's computer. There are nine spaces in that computer program per officer. I used to carry a wider variety, but for commonality of training, I presently only use Ruger .357 revolvers and the SIG DAK. FWIW, under the old policy, I switched around some, starting with the rookie's mandatory 4" .357 in 1984, and trying stuff such as an S&W .44 sixgun, H&K P7, S&W M58 .41 mag, SIG P220, Colt Commander & Government, BHP.40, and several .357 sixguns. Those were the days!

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    Some agencies

    Some agencies in my area (Central Florida) From a related post:

    Volusia County SO issues the Glock 35 with Federal Tactical 180gr. 27s are optional for plainclothes, administrative. They're phasing in surplus M16s in place of Mini 14s with Federal 55gr JSP. Everyone else has 870s with Fed OO buck.

    Daytona Beach PD issues Glock 17s with 147gr Hydra Shok. I understand there are a couple of officers still approved for revolvers, but I've never seen one. Back in the day they issued 125gr Nyclad +P in .38. They issue M16s received as surplus with Federal TRU 55gr (20 rounds per officer)

    All the Troopers around here use Beretta 96s with 180gr Gold Dot.

    The Holly Hill PD, the PD that covers the gunshop where I work, issues the 22 or 22C, but allows whatever you choose to qualify with. Only one officer I know of uses the 22C, everyone else the 22. One old Sarge uses the 686 with Remington 125gr .357. Everybody else uses 180gr Gold Dot or Federal Tactical depending on what's in stock when they order. Also 870s with Remington or Federal OO.

    The small department where my current FD is located issues the Beretta 92, but allows personally owned in 9 or .40. They issue 147gr Hydra Shok in the 9mm. 180 Fed Tactical in .40. They have a large stockpile of S&W .4506s, but don't issue them. They have a few 870s (who doesn't) with OO buck.

    One other small PD issues Glock 22s and 180gr Remington plain JHP, but allows personally owned. A few of the officers carry the 23. They issue the Kel Tec Sub 2000 in .40 set up for the 22 magazine.

    The state prison and county jail have model 15s from S&W with 158gr LRN. The state has some 5906s with 115gr FMJ, the jail has some old 4046s for "special operations" (mostly guarding shelters during hurricaines) They were using FMJ reloads last hurricaine. There are a variety of long guns, mostly AR types and 870s. The state has some 37mm Launchers and Arwen guns, probably the most modern thing in the correctional system.

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