Who said ride alongs are boring?

Who said ride alongs are boring?

This is a discussion on Who said ride alongs are boring? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Deputy is shot, suspect dies in scuffle San Jacinto County officer aided by woman on a 'ride along' By CINDY HORSWELL and KEVIN MORAN Copyright ...

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Thread: Who said ride alongs are boring?

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    Who said ride alongs are boring?

    Deputy is shot, suspect dies in scuffle
    San Jacinto County officer aided by woman on a 'ride along'

    Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

    After an early morning gunbattle that left a suspect dead, a San Jacinto
    County deputy wounded and a "ride along" companion distraught, two mysteries
    remain: what provoked the confrontation and who fired the fatal shot.

    Residents in the Trails End subdivision about 50 miles north of Houston,
    awakened by barking dogs about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, watched in helpless
    terror as a deputy was run over and dragged 60 feet by a suspect he had
    stopped for driving without headlights.

    The suspect, Dustin Klander, 24, who authorities said fought with and
    exchanged gunfire with the deputy, was found dead six blocks away, slumped
    over the steering wheel of his sport utility vehicle, which ran off the road
    near his home. Patrol deputy Sean Barnes suffered broken bones and a bullet
    wound to his hand that could cause him to lose a finger.

    The incident lasted less than 25 seconds.

    As investigators examine the patrol car's videotape and statements to
    reconstruct the deadly confrontation, their best witness may also be the

    Civilian Lee Ann Abernathy, of Coldspring, was participating in the
    sheriff's civilian "ride along" program when the stop turned violent.
    Abernathy, who had previous training in law enforcement, radioed for help,
    then jumped from the car and used the deputy's shotgun to fire at the
    fleeing suspect.

    Abernathy showed tremendous courage under fire, San Jacinto County Sheriff
    Lacy Rogers said. He noted she had worked for him as a jailer for two years
    before being hired by the state.

    "I think her actions may have saved my deputy's life," Rogers said. "But
    right now she feels very distraught about what's happened."

    Until an autopsy is performed on Klander, investigators can't be sure
    whether Abernathy or Barnes fired the fatal shot.

    What started the incident also is unclear, the sheriff said. The Texas
    Rangers did recover a small stash of marijuana from Klander's SUV and the
    sheriff said records show the suspect had a history of resisting arrest.

    Harris County records show Klander was convicted in 2001 of assault causing
    bodily injury and possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana. He was
    placed on probation for a year and fined $200 on the marijuana charge. He
    was sentenced to two years in jail on the assault charge but given deferred

    In May 2003, Klander was sentenced to nine months in jail for violating his
    probation. The records did not give any details of the assault.

    Abernathy could not be reached for comment about the shootout. Her
    supervisors at the Polunksy prison in Livingston, where she has worked as a
    correctional officer the past four months, have given her a few days off to

    Witness Kimberly Bell, who was home with her two sons and watched the
    confrontation through her window, said it began after the deputy frisked
    Klander and tried to cuff his hands behind his back.

    "They began to struggle and it went downhill from there," she said. Klander
    "was a little bigger and stouter, and he hit the officer to the ground a
    couple of times."

    Then the suspect ran to the driver's side of his vehicle where,
    investigators think, he retrieved his handgun.

    "That's when I heard the first shot," Bell said.

    Another neighbor, Gilbert Wilmot, a maintenance worker at Splendora High
    School, heard the dogs and witnessed the same thing.

    After shots were fired, Klander jumped in his vehicle and backed it over the
    deputy, dragging him half a block before fleeing, Wilmot said.

    Rogers said he feels sorry for Klander's family.

    "I talked to his parents and they are good people. This is sad," he said.

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    I've done one myself. My was anything except boring. This is just awful what happened to the officer, though. Thank God that woman was with him. Whew!
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    wow took a lot of guts to do that. Just goes to show you that gender is not a issue in a lot of things. I know alot of bigger guys that would have hid and wept in fear.

    I hope the officer makes a full recovery and the brave lady should get an award. One less evil doer and a good guy saved.

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    This BG was begging to get his letter 'stamped'...now they can put him in the 'nailed box'...

    Glad the officer is OK...

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    She's a hero, no doubt.

    Maybe she ought to be a full time LEO instead of a prison guard.
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    Great job on her part.
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    Great thread story. Thanks for posting it.
    Brave woman.
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    I always feel bad when I have ride alongs, it always ends being a boring shift. This one wasnt though! I always make sure trust worthy riders know how to release the shotgun, for my protection and theirs.
    I also make it clear that this isnt for their entertainment, and they may have to do just what happened in this story.
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    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    I have wanted to do a ride along for a while but the only LEO that I know enough to want to go with works for a department that doesn't really let them happen. Oh, well.

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    I don't understand how this deputy was ran over when he had only been shot in the hand.

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    I don't understand how this deputy was ran over when he had only been shot in the hand.
    "They began to struggle and it went downhill from there," she said. Klander
    "was a little bigger and stouter, and he hit the officer to the ground a
    couple of times."
    That ought to cover it. Like most fights it went to the ground.
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    Well crap, on my only ride along, I got to see a drunk puke in the floorboard.

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    Before my sister married her husband (a police officer) she did a couple of ride alongs to decide whether she was okay with his lifestyle.

    She found them to be very exciting and sometimes scary.

    Good for her and the officer.

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    Finally a fairly decent newspaper write-up!

    +1 for corrections officer! Courage under fire! She done real good!

    Prayers offered for the deputy!
    Semper Fi

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