Tsa Checking Bus Riders Now!!!!

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Thread: Tsa Checking Bus Riders Now!!!!

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    One would think that if you were supposed to set up a checkpoint to screen for weapons, you'd do a preliminary check to see what was against the law in Indiana, what was permitted, etc. Goes to show how arbitrary the whole thing is.
    You are kidding right ?

    You are trying to use logic and common sense here in an organization that cant spell, use or understand either word.

    Having been through several airports around the country, I can testify to the fact that each airport does things differently. What may be OK in one airport may be a no-no in another. You would think that a Federal agency would have a standard operating procedure for such things, but if they do is sure isn't apparent.

    After seeing the screening agents in action, can we really expect any sort of common sense ? Most of them are overweight minorities with chips on their shoulders. Some of them that I heard in an airport in Texas could barely, and I mean barely, speak passable English.

    I'd bet you that the fact that a bus is different than a jet never occurred to them and that the rules in the real world and an airport are quite different.

    As anyone can tell, my personal opinion of the TSA is less than good.Every dealing that I've had with them that took more than a fourth grade education to figure out turned into a long protracted event that had me wanting to slap and neuter everyone of them for being stupid.

    I can only hope that any foreigner visiting the USA for the first time can get past the extremely poor first impressions that they get at the airport. Otherwise they might think that we are all a bunch of idiots.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    public transportation

    In Atlanta even licensed CCW is a felony on a MARTA bus, train or parking lot. Therefore there is never ever a reason to ride MARTA. If anyone remembers the riots in the city after the LAPD not guilty beating verdict then you will never ride any bus or train again.

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    Hmm, ...uh ...NO!
    What's this button do?

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    wow ! i cant imagine anybody volunteering to be searched whats this world coming to!

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