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Daughter Joined the Army!

This is a discussion on Daughter Joined the Army! within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; congrats, the best of luck....

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Thread: Daughter Joined the Army!

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    congrats, the best of luck.
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    My oldest daughter joined up to, she's had (the invasion tour) of Iraq and a tour of Afghanistan, her moms hair is now completely white, but dad got to pin her Sgt. E-5 stripes on her last year.
    Our kids God bless'em and keep them safe.
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    With the utmost of respect, I salute her...and as her father, you certainly can be proud of her decision.
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    Congrats to her! How does it feel to have a bonifide patriot living in your house Dad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    Congrats to her! You didn't say what field (MOS) she is going in for.
    She has not told me yet, but when I announced that I will be taking flying lessons soon she hinted it had something to do with aircraft, and is holding out to tell us tomorrow. She wants to take us out to dinner and a movie and fill us in on the details, damn if this does not feel like Christmas eve.
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    congratulations to her. and it's great to see supportive parents, especially in these trying times for the military. hooah!
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    Does she already have her degree? If so, she probably will go through Basic, then on to OCS.

    I had a guy in my basic training platoon at Fort Jackson, SC who had actually gone to The Citadel, but in order to get his commission, had to go through basic with all the rest of us kids. He was a Specialist E-4 from day one at basic, was made the platoon leader (meaning he took all kinds of hell from the drill sergeants) and taught us all how to shine our boots and shoes the Citadel way...like glass.

    He was made a 2nd Lt. at Basic graduation, BTW

    I wish your daughter all the best; my time in the Army was some of the best years of my life. She will gain lots of experience and come out with a marketable job skill from what it sounds like.
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    Congrats!!!! Sounds like she's on her way to OTS.

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    Congrats! She will be a different person in a short time! You clearly did a good job on raising her.

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    congrats !! tell her were all proud of her and for her service.

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