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Officer shot in chest later admits shooting himself

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Thread: Officer shot in chest later admits shooting himself

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    Notice that he WAS a school cop. Not a regular officer.......
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    Just so yall know, NISD PD fired him INSTANTLY!!!!!!! Not after some deliberation, not after sleeping on it, not after calling a department head meeting, they fired him that second. They said in an interview that they will offer him counseling and they will probably pay for his medical bills because he technichally was an employee when he was injured, but they said he will NEVER wear a badge again.

    And even if another agency gets desperate enough to want to hire him, TCLEOSE will pull his PO license. He'll never be a cop again.

    Apparently he was having marital problems and divorce was mentioned so he thought if he got hurt his wife would see him as a hero or at least feel guilty enough to stay with him.

    Quote Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
    Notice that he WAS a school cop. Not a regular officer.......
    And what is that suppose to mean? In Texas there are no "regular"officers and less than regular officers. All Texas Peace Officers have the same exact authority to enforce all laws. A lot of people choose to work for schools, colleges, and universities because some of those places pay more than cities and counties and offer great benefit packages and most of them pay for your education. So if you ever come to TX and get stopped by ANY TXPO, remember we all have the same authority. ISD officer can make traffic stops, drug bust, DWIs, etc. TX isn't like some states where there are different levels of cops who can only do certain things in certain places. In fact school/college/university officers have jurisdiction in the entire county, including multiple counties where their schools own property. It's possible to get stopped by Texas A&M PD in about a dozen counties in the state. Their policy might prevent it, but the law doesn't.

    This particular individual was off his rocker, but that is not why he worked for a school district. He was what you would refer to as a "regular officer"(Deputy Sheriff) in a nearby county until recently. He went to NEISD PD for a BIG pay raise.

    A few years ago I wanted to work for a couple of ISDs and universities but I didn't have enough experience and got shot down. A lot of these places, NISD included, are picky as heck and difficult to get on with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    His career in LE should be over...that's pretty 'wacked'...time to say
    I agree. They shouldn't be "considering" charges and disciplinary action.

    His job should be history! And he should be facing jail time.

    Let's imagine for a moment that during the "search" for the "hispanic suspects," someone is being frisked, a cop gets nervous, or makes a mistake like we read about in another thread, and accidentally shoots someone who clearly (and later obviously) had no reason to be accosted.

    Too much bad could've happened because of this whack-job's lie. He doesn't deserve his job, and I really don't think he deserves his freedom for a while, either.

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    He was having marital problems? Perhaps he was trying to build a foundation for murder...

    "Two men took my gun and shot me. They're on the loose, search for them!" ...a day or two later... "Oh no, they came to my house and shot at me again and hit my wife instead..."

    I guess he realized the stupidity of his plan, whatever it was. I hope he soon gets a couple of Hispanic suspects for his new 'roommates'.

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