First LEO Encounter While Carrying

First LEO Encounter While Carrying

This is a discussion on First LEO Encounter While Carrying within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I took my oldest son, 8 yo, out to the desert to shoot this afternoon. We have a number of places on BLM land. They ...

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Thread: First LEO Encounter While Carrying

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    First LEO Encounter While Carrying

    I took my oldest son, 8 yo, out to the desert to shoot this afternoon. We have a number of places on BLM land. They are usually some areas a little ways off the road with burms set up where people shoot regularly. We just picked up a new Ruger 10/22, with adjustable stock, last week and wanted to get in some more time with it.

    We started out with my son's BB gun shooting at some spent shotgun shells. As we were taking a break, I heard a vehicle approaching a noticed a Sheriff's unit pass by. About one minute later he is turning in to where we were parked.

    At this time I started reminding myself that I had nothing to be nervous about, but this was my first LEO encounter and I wasn't sure why he was approaching other than to check us out.

    I made sure I stayed in plain view with my sidearm toward the officer. I waved politely and waited for him to get out of his vehicle. After a brief introduction, my son approached and wanted to show the officer our new gun.

    The officer came to our vehicle and talked with us for about 30 minutes before continuing on his way.

    This was a great encounter. We discovered that we frequent the same gun shop and know a couple of people in common. We also discussed local crime, gang activity, and ccw--which he supports.

    He stated that he was glad to see me teaching my son about guns and gun safety. I couldn't help telling him that my son can load, make ready, and hit COM at 7 yds safely with my XD40. (One of many things I'm proud of)

    We soon wrapped up and he went on his way.

    BTW, right after he left, my son started hitting 6 inch targets at 25 yds with the 10/22. That just made me smile. Great kid and a great gun.

    Sorry about rambling on. Just had a good day.

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    Sounds like you had a fantastic time out with your son.
    That's great quality fun time.
    Reminded me of "way way back when" teaching kids .22 Rifle at summer camp.
    Kids are great and they just always love everything about target shooting.
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    now thats quality time with your son,,,must have been a beautiful day ,,,cant wait for my son too be a little older ,,,he already loves guns ,,,,only 3 though,,,

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    No need to apologize for the rambling, always good to hear a father and son having fun "together".


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    Good story and good experience for your son. I had both of our kids shooting at a very early age, gun safety was drilled in their heads too.
    We never had an accident, they never did anything unauthorized with our guns. My gun safety lessons were a continuous lesson, I never quit preaching.
    Keep up the good work with your son and he'll be a very responsible gunowner one day.
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    No rambling heard, just a great 'father & son' encounter...

    Those moments will live in those 'elderly' years for both of you...
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