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    Swiss Army

    Just saw this in the Air Force Times. I guess you could always use it as a club then?

    Swiss Soldiers Ordered To Leave Bullets in the Barracks

    Switzerland’s army of part-time soldiers were on Sept. 27 allowed to keep their service rifle at home — but not the ammunition.
    The Swiss lower house of parliament, the National Council, backed the senate by approving a government-backed motion banning the standard pack of army bullets from the home by 100 votes to 72.
    However, it turned down another motion to follow suit with a halt to the tradition of allowing about 280,000 soldiers in the militia army to keep their firearm at home under lock and key in between bouts of military service.
    There has been increasing pressure in recent years to end the 133 year-old tradition in the Alpine nation following a spate of high profile domestic killings involving army weapons.
    The Swiss parliament, while repeatedly rejecting that step, came up with the compromise draft legislation to withdraw the ammunition and keep it in the barracks.
    A women’s magazine, Annabelle, was a driving force behind the campaign for stricter gun control.
    During the debate, Socialist parliamentarian Chantal Gallade cited academic research showing that service weapons were behind 300 deaths a year.
    Official nationwide data is hard to come by, but a study by criminologists at the University of Lausanne estimated that 20 percent of homicides and about two-thirds of 400 suicides with firearms a year involved military weapons.
    Last year, 231,400 semi-automatic rifles and 51,600 pistols were in the hands of largely male reservists, according to the Swiss army. The total including firearms kept by retired soldiers reached about half a million.
    Swiss researchers have increasingly linked guns in the home with domestic violence.
    One survey highlighted by Lausanne University indicated that women in Switzerland suffer from one of the highest murder rates involving firearms in the Western world, even though the overall murder rate is among the lowest.
    The tradition of keeping the army weapon at home was rooted in the neutral country’s defense strategy of mobilizing a large force swiftly to harry potential invaders, especially during the Cold War.
    Under the new rules, a first-line corps of about 2,000 soldiers will be exempted from the ammunition ban and the government, the Federal Council, may review it for national security reasons.
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    yeah...brilliant ones those socialists are...They left 2000 soldiers exempt. So they have an entire 2000 soldiers to step up and defend their country at a moments notice ..... They better start buttering up any potential enemies now to make sure they're on their good side.

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    IIRC The swiss can buy ammo just like us (or even easier). So we are talking here about a feel-good law without any brain-power behind it.
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    What does that say about our country, where the military weapons are locked up with the ammo in the armory. We don't even allow our military to take the weapon home, much less the ammo.

    Are we any better off?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    IIRC The swiss can buy ammo just like us (or even easier). So we are talking here about a feel-good law without any brain-power behind it.
    Exactly. This was also pushed through by the French Swiss. The German Swiss have a different view of things... The majority of crime in Switzerland is also immigrant related with 70% of their prison population being non-Swiss...

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    I hate the fact that suicides are cited as a reason. If someone wants to kill themselves, they will, in the first place. And in the second place, let them. It's insane to take away the rights of a huge group in order to prevent someone (not that banning guns would prevent them, mind you) from exercising their most fundamental right - the right to live or not.
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    What Musketeer said is spot on.

    I'm heading over to Switzerland on Saturday to teach in Geneva for a week. Their are some good patriots there and many other Europeans go their to train, but their immigrant problem is a serious one, especially in Frenchy-Switzerland.


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    They were only issued 50 cartridges anyway. Not nearly enough to repel an invasion! Of course, shooting being the national sport, everybody already has much more than that in the cupboard.
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    The 50 rds were intended for self-defense while traveling to their mobilization points in the event of sudden invasion.

    Given even 12 hours notice the Swiss can mobilize quite a large force, especially considering that their main mission is to defend narrow mountain passes.
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