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Masscops.com has some serious "loose cannons" on-board. After having a discussion with the board owner and a respected moderator there the second time, I told them I was leaving permanently and haven't been back (2-3 years now). [Incidents were not targeted at me personally, but one MSP Trooper was attacking other LEOs who were other than MA Municipal or MSP Troopers (one was a Fed LEO that he attacked, others were Sheriffs Deputies and Constables), and management wouldn't do anything about it.]
I do agree on this, I don't know why SOME LE DEPARTMENTS just hate other LE DEPARTMENTS in this State, it baffles ME
MBTA Cops against STATIES, MUNICIPAL against MBTA, all fighting each other....I thought all LE agency would be working toward the SAME GOAL for the good of the State ? .. shrugs