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    Bobcat35, you are complaining about soldiers being in uniform out in the "real world" as a service member yourself, you NEVER went shopping in uniform? I spent 12 years in the active duty army and just recently got out. When away from home on a training deploymen to another state, there have been times when we were given "downtime" to go out shop and maybe grab some chow. Well, guess what, I went out in BDU's. Military personnel don't always have civilian clothes handy. Military personnel don't always have enough downtime to go home, change, eat, return home, get in uniform, and then go back to work. The army never sleeps, and on every post there are personnel up and working around the clock. Running out to the store is allowed, however going out to the movies is not. Taking care of essential personal business while on a break during duty is allowed as long as you do what you have to do and make an effort to change if time allows. I love people who criticize military personnel for not doing things 100% correctly, yet then make mistakes themselves. not everyone is perfect. Military time when written doesn't use semi-colons. 8:00pm in military time is written as 2000, not 20:00 as you wrote in your original post. I am not criticizing you, I am just saying this so that you realize nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. I see soldiers, even senior officers (both commissioned and enlisted) at the store daily out here by Bragg. As long as they are conducting themselves properly, wearing the uniform properly, what business is it of anyone's whether they are in uniform or not.
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    I have not served. I do not pretend to know all the rules about uniforms. That being said here is my two cents.

    As long as they are not "disgracing the uniform", i.e. getting openly drunk, participating in a public rally, or acting as a disruption soldiers should have every right to wear their uniform anywhere within the USA. If they are good enough to wear it while serving in Iraq they are good enough to wear it buying milk at the store. What is more, seeing soldiers in uniform more often would for the general public make them more real. They become people they can relate to, with families and chores like the rest of us. As long as they conduct themselves in a becoming manner while wearing the uniform I say let them wear it.

    I have made multiple trips to Switzerland where all men serve in the reserves. The sight of men in uniform at the store, train station or restaurant in the course of daily life is normal and people have no problem with it. They see no need to hide their military away from the public and neither should we.

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    Fort Bragg off-post uniform reg:

    Unrestricted wear of the BDU is authorized off-post between 0500-1900 on normal duty days, with the following stipulations:
    (1) Uniform will be complete, clean, neat, and presentable.
    (2) Personnel returning from field operations/ maneuvers will travel directly home and may only stop enroute for essential items (bread, milk, gas, and emergency auto repair items). All camouflage will be removed prior to making any stops off post.
    (3) The BDU is inappropriate for official social functions off the installation, such as dinners, memorial services, and funerals.
    (4) During the unrestricted period, good judgment must be exercised so that soldiers do not patronize establishments where more formal dress is appropriate.

    Nost saying I agree or disagree, but here it is. I simply copied and pasted from the post Commanders directive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobcat35 View Post
    sorry about my lack of details. im refering to acu's, bdu's, coveralls, flightsuits and such. if your in your A's or B's thats not bad you might be stuck on some recruiting detail or wanting to look sharp for some occasion(i know several people that own no other "suit"). theres nothing wrong with being proud to serve or even trying to look sharp by wearing your class A's and such its just irritateing seeing such flagrant disregard of the division standard, and every opsec/forcepro breifing we have to sit through. and im fairly sure its one of the main reasons there are so many.

    If you feel as strong about this as your posts indicate, you need to steer as far away from Abilene, Tx. as possible. The home to Dyess Air Force Base and its dual role as both a B-1 Bomber base and a C-130 base, the airmen and officers from Dyess wear their uniforms everywhere within the community and it is so commonplace here, no one thinks a second thought about it. From BDU's to flight suits, from grocery stores to restaurants and department stores, it's all perfectly acceptable.

    And as far as the security issue, at a B-1 Bomber base where they fly non stop operational missions to Iraq and Afghanistan, security is always keenly focused on. But even with all the folks in uniform all over Abilene, there's never been a 'terrorist' attack on a single USAF personnel here in Abilene that I've ever heard of.

    The community is proud of the men and women at Dyess and I've never heard a complaint about USAF personnel off base in uniform. On several occasions I've been in a restaurant and bought lunch for a couple of youngsters in uniform.... it's my way of showing respect and appreciation. Quite often I've seen other folks do the same. We sure didn't receive that kind of treatment when I returned from VietNam, I want to do my part to make sure it never happens to our troops serving today.

    Unless it's a large unit deployment, when Dyess personnel go on deployments to the sandbox, they usually return by civilian carrier through the local airport. Often the news media are there and the troops are always in BDU's when they step off the plane. As far as you seeing troops in uniform in an airport bar.... my advice would be to cut them some slack. Travelling half way around the world to return home to loved ones and they often have long flight delays at airports where they have to change planes. Unless they have too much to drink and are making it obvious, I wouldn't think twice about it...... I might even buy them a round.

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    As an AF guy, I can vouch that the Navy policy is a lot more stringent that AF policy. When I was at P-cola, we were told not to even stop for gas off base while in flight suits. In fact, they were debating having us show up in blues and changing while at work. In the AF, nobody really mentions it. I hardly ever stop anywhere in uniform, anyway.

    The only time I've worn my uniform when on leave is when my grandpa died. I did it at the funeral per my mother's request. I still don't fell right about it (even though it was an appropriate uniform) because I stuck out, and a funeral should be about the deceased, not about me. To me, it's about blending in.


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