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This is a discussion on Finally payin' off within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; letting the (sorry 'bout this, Chris ) U.N. handle the situation? Ouch - recoils under the savage assault on senses!! Brushes self off - breaths ...

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Thread: Finally payin' off

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    letting the (sorry 'bout this, Chris ) U.N. handle the situation?
    Ouch - recoils under the savage assault on senses!!

    Brushes self off - breaths deep ...

    OK TA - I survived that LOL! Not sure how much more I can take tho !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RSSZ
    So,would it be wrong on my part to assume that you gentlemen are in favor of invaiding North Korea ?? How about Iran ?? These two fit the bill---both terriorist hideouts and they have the very real possibility of having WMD. What say ye ??
    I could also support it once we get Iraq squared away, but I think that the Iranians are probably watching very closely what we do in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. If all the hand wringers and "anti war" protestors (Bush haters) keep it up it will be more likely that countries like Iran and N. Korea will crank up the rhetoric and become to become a serious problem in the future.

    Cindy Sheehan, who says she "supports the troops, but not the war", in a recent CBS interview (which CBS has not run) referred to the insurgents (terrorists) in Iraq as "freedom fighters". Her group has recently taken up protesting in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center where many of our wounded troops are recovering. They do not want success in Iraq. They want this war to be a failure so the Democrats will have a chance at the White House next election. As I said before, I think Bush did the right thing in going into Iraq. I think that they did, in fact, have WMDs (and honestly so do many of the Democrats that are now attacking him for not finding them) and that this war will go a long way in reducing terrorism and I won't blast him for his efforts in that effort. The nickel per gallon gas story has no relevance on whether we should have gone to war with them...
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    Team American, You seem to have tied the terrible incident on 9/11 with the invasion of Iraq. I feel that ,HELL YEAH,we should have taken our "pound of flesh" after 9/11---- BUT---- not after we told them that we was coming and waiting 6-8 weeks for them to prepare for our attack. Also I think that it would have been very important to attack/invade the right countries. Afganistan--HELL YES ! But what about Saudi Arabia ??? That's where the 9/11 scumbags came from(and were probably trained there). Instead,our President invited the leaders of Saudi Arabia to Crawford Tex. Then held their hand,kissed them on the cheek,and said what fine people/leaders they were. On camera,to the American people. This gave me a sick feeling. We need to "tell it like it is".Some of our "friends and allies"(?) are helping/funding the POS that are killing Americans. And it's not just Saudi Arabia. Those countries are (IMO) the ones that we need to "take care of". In the mean time I wish that our leaders would refrain from making comments that are ment to scare and/or intimedate the BG's. (or make the American people feel good)"We will find you. We are coming to get you. We will not forget." These comments don't work on the likes of the people that are targeting American civilians. We simply just need to go to where thay are hiding,living,being trained,OR being financed and take care of the(our) problem. By any and all means available. I would hope that you gentlemen realize that I'm all for kickin' some A$$----lets just make sure that it's the RIGHT A$$.-----------

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    Quote Originally Posted by RSSZ
    I would hope that you gentlemen realize that I'm all for kickin' some A$$----lets just make sure that it's the RIGHT A$$.-----------
    And that is the process that we have only just begun. If radical, fundamental Islam (Wahabism) is the real problem, and I believe it is, then Saudi Arabia is definitely on the "list of things to do". Maintaining the flow of oil to the world, however, prevents us from merely nuking the entire region from orbit

    Saddam has been giving aid and comfort to Al Quaida types for a long time, and please remember that the delays before going into Iraq were all due to footdragging at the U.N. And, I believe that the vote in Congress authorizing the invasion was pretty much unanimous based on the available information...the WMD stuff was there at one time...where did it go is the $100 question.

    9/11 was the wake-up call that finally got the ball rolling...and it still has a long way to roll.
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    Iran will act based on its perception of our resolve and magnitude of response. Think of the Iranian Hostage Crisis. It dragged on and on, because the Iranian Revolutionary Government thought (rightly so) that the US (in the form of President Carter) would not react quickly or strongly to their actions. As soon as President Reagan comes into office, the hostages are released, because of their perception of what the US would do.

    Now North Korea is something else. Perhaps a public policy that any WMD attack on US forces or allies will result in a counter attack on the GOVERNMENT of North Korea using any and all "special weapons" in our arsenal. That or a covert tac nuke on N. Korea's nuke bomb facilities using a stealth bomber, with a public statement the next day to the effect of "we told you those things are dangerous"...

    I think Teddy Roosevelt had it right - "Speak softly and carry a big stick".

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    It's a crappy world situation & no amount of Brown Nosing on our part is ever going to fix it.
    Saudi Arabia..North Korea..Iran..China..Afghanistan & Iraq ~ it's like having a bunch of holes in your house roof.
    You sure don't want to hafta repair them ALL!!! ~ but, you'll need to do exactly that or your carpet will still get ruined.
    I really think we might need to "Hiroshima&Nagasaki" N. Korea and that might keep the others chilled out for a while.
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