Tennessee, Jump on This--All Others, Read and Heed: Bullet Coding

This is a discussion on Tennessee, Jump on This--All Others, Read and Heed: Bullet Coding within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Presumably, they would have to register each package of ammo to the original purchaser, who would then have to constantly monitor and guard each shell ...

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Thread: Tennessee, Jump on This--All Others, Read and Heed: Bullet Coding

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    Presumably, they would have to register each package of ammo to the original purchaser, who would then have to constantly monitor and guard each shell casing to make sure that it was never lost, stolen, or reloaded to be fired again by someone else and left at a crime scene.
    If you follow the link given in the original post and then follow a couple more links from there, you find the bill. The vendor record keeping requirements shown are:
    (2) A vendor registry. Vendors shall:
    (A) Register with the TBI in a manner prescribed by the department through rules and regulations;
    (B) Record the following information in a format prescribed by the
    (i) The date of the transaction;
    (ii) The name of the transferee;
    (iii) The purchaser's driver license number or other government issued identification card number;
    (iv) The date of birth of the purchaser;
    (v) The unique identifier of all handgun ammunition or bullets transferred; and
    (vi) All other information prescribed by the TBI; and
    (C) Maintain records on the business premises for a period of three (3) years from the date of the recorded purchase.
    - 3 - 01197072
    How many small town shops that stock hunting ammo do you think are going to be willing to continue to sell ammo if they have to put up with this kind of junk.

    Even though I don't live in Tennessee, this has me concerned. No disrespect to those of you who live on the coasts, but if this came from California or New York, it wouldn't surprise me. But Tennessee is just a little close to home and worries me that if this passes there, it could spread throughout the rest of the Midwest.

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    How much do you think a box of 12ga shells with #8 birdshot in them will cost? How many criminals actually legally buy their ammo and would register it?

    Oh, that's right... registered guns didn't work, registered ammunition sure as heck isn't going to work any better. Sounds like the anti-gunners have one of your senators' ears.
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    I honestly doubt this has a snowballs chance of passing in Tennessee but it is disconcerting to see a bill like this even being put forth in our state.

    I will email my politicians and let them know that I do not support or approve of it.
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    Stupid is becoming more common.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.stuart
    Why don't they code criminals?
    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99
    ...and the politicians, too!
    Ah but how can you tell them apart?
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    Talked to my Rep at church yesterday. He was unaware of this. I emailed him the link to the bill. He is a real pro-2a guy, somewhat cynical and really funny when he is talking off the record.

    His views on immigration: Babies born to illegals are U. S. citizens. Let's keep the babies and deport the parents. Funny, but it has happened in a few states already.
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