Thugs arrested for messing with the wrong guy!

Thugs arrested for messing with the wrong guy!

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Thread: Thugs arrested for messing with the wrong guy!

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    Thumbs up Thugs arrested for messing with the wrong guy!

    Men pick fight with Yolo Sheriff Ed Prieto, lose quickly
    Article Created: 01/31/2008 0703 AM PST

    In retrospect, the two men probably wished they never stepped into Woodland.

    Sacramento resident Jerry Monk, 35, was scheduled to appear at the Yolo County Court house for a pre-trial conference as a defendant in a criminal matter.

    Afterward, he and his friend, fellow Sacramentan Ontriel Darnell Jones, 24, walked down the south sidewalk of Court Street, when they approached a man walking down the same street.

    For reasons unknown, Jones and Monk, verbally accosted the man, sarcastically asking what there was to do in Woodland, employing profanity in the process.

    The man they asked happened to be 6-foot-5, 275-pound Yolo County Sheriff E.G. Prieto dressed in street clothes.

    Prieto, in turn, asked them for their identification, suspecting the men were intoxicated.

    Jones and Monk refused and continued to verbally taunt the sheriff. Prieto flashed them his badge.

    They walked away.

    Prieto ordered them to stop, twice.

    They didn't.

    The 64-year-old sheriff then reached for one of the suspect's arms and that's when Prieto said he made a move to attack him.

    "He looked like he was going punch me," Prieto said.

    Prieto then subdued the suspect by throwing him to the ground and held him there while fending off the other suspect.

    Around 10 Sheriff's deputies arrived on scene to find their boss in the physical struggle.

    The two men were promptly arrested.

    One of the suspects could be seen sitting on the street, cuffed and inquiring about his rights as his companion watched from the back of a deputy's cruiser.

    With the men in custody, Prieto brushed off his slacks and straightened his tie as if it were nothing.

    "Hey, I worked in South Central for 23 years," Prieto said in reference to a portion of his previous career in the California Highway Patrol in Los Angeles.

    Police Chief Carey Sullivan showed up on the scene to check on his cross-agency counterpart and after seeing everything under control, he shook his head smiling.

    "You can never get away from it," Sullivan said.

    Prieto was uninjured in the attack.

    As for his assailants, Jones and Monk were arrested for obstructing a peace officer and for having outstanding warrants - and, as Prieto put it, messing with the wrong guy.

    I use to work in this County and Ed is known as a pretty no nonsense guy. These thugs learned this the hard way.
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    That was pretty good, dummies
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    That's what those two got.

    Bet they feel like Homer Simpson tonight, Doh.

    I needed a smile, and this did it for me.


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    6'5" and 275 looks like a victim to you??
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    Their lucky their not in the hospital

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herknav View Post
    6'5" and 275 looks like a victim to you??

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    A couple of stupid ones.
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    64 years old to boot! Way to go Grandpa!

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    Hell yeah!!!!
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    What a couple of morons!!
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    Anyone want to guess their combined IQ points...?

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    Besides brain issues they must have vision problems.
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