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Thread: LEO stories

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    That one belongs in a book, Matt!
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    While working a detail at A Mexican nightclub, which by the way
    some (cross dressers) like to work.
    A slightly inebriated patron decides to have a little fun, so
    The cross dresser and customer walks out of the bar and
    I tell the guy that he's walking out with a guy(in Spanish)
    And he looks my right in the eye and says in Spanish" its not important he's beautiful"

    My partner and I almost fell down laughing.
    I have plenty more from that bar later.
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    Great stuff guys and thank you.

    sixto - ''ran eight miles'' - heck man that's not fit - that's super fit
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    That was great Matt. It was a fine story, on it's own, but to have his fellow officers dive for cover every time he pulled his radio is just hilarious.

    Ron, it sounds like you have to pull a Crocadile Dundee maneuver at that place.

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    great stories guys!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    That was good HotGuns... I always felt that God had blessed every Lab.

    Here is another....
    So, how were the cookies?? LOL.....

    That is too funny and I don't mean in a haha funny kind of way...LOL

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    The expression on their faces must have been pricless.

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    Matt, what calibers do them GE radios come in?
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    This is actually a GG story, and I can still clearly see this scene in my mind even today. Back in the late 70's we got a call about a suspicious person. The address was in a sort of bad part of town and actually near the railroad tracks. Apparantly a guy had been in a bar elsewhere and had too much to drink....way too much. I suppose he left the bar to go home via the railroad tracks, except he turned the wrong way and ended up going away from his house and found his way via the railroad tracks into an unfamiliar neighborhood.

    I think this guy frightened the local residents. Here he is walking down the track late at night, he has long hair and a long beard and he's wearing special shoes and metal leg braces (like Forrest Gump had). Of course he has difficulty walking on smooth ground much less walking on a railroad track. When we rolled up, there was a group of about 10 tough-looking men surrounding this drunk guy. We could see that these big guys were caring for his welfare, holding onto him and helping him ever so delicately. As we walked up to the scene, they were saying, almost in unison, "he's okay, he hadn't hurt anything, we're just checking on him, he's going to be alright."

    It was almost a surreal setting somehow. The crippled guy was really fortunate and actually one of the few "good calls" in life to respond to.
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    SIXTO, its those giant Ohio raccoons that crawl outta the Mill creek. I've gotten me a few big ones around Cincinnati.

    And since when does Mr. Clean bake cookies?
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    This is one from my chilhood that i will never forget!
    My father worked for the s.o. for about ten years. He would pick me up and take me to the station for an hour each day untill my mother an emt got off to get me.

    One day just as we got to the station A call came in officer down ( he was on a domestic dispute call) so my father and best friend/partner head out.

    They see officer #1 car in the drive way( no sign of him), They pull up nose to nose in front of the house, as soon as the get out of the car a 280lb 6'4" man runs thru the screen door with a 8" butcher knife. Coming straight at them. Screaming your next!

    The front door is 30 yards from the street where there parked. After many screams to drop the knife At fifteen yards they fire.

    He was hit with 3 rounds .357 and 4 rounds .38 center mass. He came another 20 yards as my father and his partner run around there cars to get another shot.

    He fell at my fathers passenger door, He killed his girlfriend and stabbed officer #1 3 times( he lived).

    He had been out of jail for 8 days and had enough pcp in him that he was probably dead already.

    I have always been amazed what drugs can do to the body, still coming after 7 rounds to the chest.

    Thanks for all the leo's on here

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    Here is another.

    This one is local legend, and it happened way before my time. It is true though, I've heard the stories many times from retired coworkers, and I've seen the photos and read the report. I've left out details on purpose, for security and out of respect for the family.

    In the late 70's, on Halloween night, a house in the historical part of town had some elaborate decorations set up. Although they thought is was a little tacky, neighbors did think much of this because the lady that lived there was really into halloween, planned a huge block party every year that most of the city attended and always had the best candy for the kids.
    Neighbors began to worry when "Mary" didnt show for her own party, a party that often centered around her yard. Everything was set up like it was every year, and the party went on without Mary.
    Later in the evening, the kids began trick or treating, but nobody answered Mary's door. Lights were on, giving every indication that someone was home. Neighbors began to fear the worse.
    The police were called, and her neighbors and good friends were going to use a key given to them some time ago to enter Mary's home to make sure she was OK. Police and neighbors entered the home, with no sign of Mary or any indication that anything was wrong. They looked in the garage, the yard was full of neighbors all afternoon and evening... she was no where to be found. So everyone left, figuring she went to visit family or something at the last minute.
    The next morning, during daylight, another officer was sent to the home. Contact was made with her family, and nobody had seen or heard from her in the past few days.
    What he found he will never forget. Wanting to leave no stone unturned, the rookie checked everything he could think of. He checked in the shed, under the porch in the attic... everywhere.
    As he was leaving, he checked the fake caskets in the front yard. Still nothing. Finally, he looked up... and there she was. She was hanging high in a huge tree. She was about 15 feet in the air. Not many people even noticed her, and those who did, assumed it was part of the halloween display.
    A note pinned to her shirt detailed how and why.
    The tree is still there, and the rookie officer is now our senior most guy.

    I guess she wanted to be the life of her party... I hear it was a swinging good time.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Heres another, a little more excting this time

    One summer, a certain Officer was detailed out to a particularly rough part of town, as part of a task force to combat violent crime and drugs.
    This task force wore plain clothes, but almost always had raid vests on when responding to reports of crime.
    Late one night, things were calming down after a long hot night. Reports of a fight in a small, but nasty section 8 housing complex came out. Guns were reported, but thats the norm if there is or not. The natives figured out that if they report gun play, they get priority and a better show.
    So, a certain officer shows up with a four man team, in addition to the local road patrol LEO's. The uniforms are immediately swamped by residents all yelling over each other trying to tell the story. We were able to translate that two men with guns shot it out in the lot, one lost, but was able to run inside a building and the other followed him trying to finish the fight.
    So, we go in the building after them. Its a four story deal, I guess 10 apartments in the building. The natives said they went up stairs, so up we went.
    We started climbing the stairs, and if you ever did this, its tough to cover everything. A certain officer I know well was the lead guy.
    We got to the second floor and here comes a large dude holding a cheap shotgun... I hear it was a Maverick.
    The gun leveled as the officer and BG made eye contact. Next thing the officer knows, the BG drops the gun and is falling like a tree and coming right towards the officers. The BG almost knocks two of the officers down the stairs. The BG hits the concrete steps hard and slides down to the landing. He was DRT.
    When the investigation starts, the officer swears up and down he fired one time, but his 15 round G22 magazine had twelve left, and the BG had four new holes.

    It was ruled a "good shoot" quickly, and that officer got reassigned to road patrol, but is now part of that same task force once again.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    These stories make me respect ya'll more and more! Thank you!
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    Seems my first two ran afowl of the reg's so will try again and see if this one floats:

    Wade,, ole man Johnson called seems he has some one trapped in the spring house, you want to for?? {Wade} Sure let me grab my gun. We hit the road and marked on to dispatch let Cindy know. She came back and said the Sheriff said be mighty careful "Johnson's a nut" 10-2 and off we go.

    The ride out took us by Momma Jeans so we stopped and got some tea and corn fritters,for me and a grape soda and moon pies for Wade.

    Now Johnson lived at the edge of the county,in fact some of the farm lapsed over into the next one,we asked Cindy to tell the boys over there what was going on, just in case. 50 minutes later we eased off the black top and turn into the lane up toward his house, Damn nice lane to old black walnuts and hedgehog bushes all the way up, lane was about one car length wide and emptied into the front yard going left at an old iron swing set.. Johnson stood at the door with his double barrel broke open and over his arm. "Hey boys what cha do for??" Mr.J we are here about the spring house. {J} Come on around back. Wade and I made sure he lead and we followed, about 15 yards behind the house was a huge dirt mound looked as if giant gophers made it, grass top and an old triple hung barn door laying at and 45% angle was the entrance.

    We could hear some thing moving around, {W} Hey down there its the sheriff department come on out!!

    Nothing. {D} Mr.J you got any idea what or who is down there? {J} I think its a kid from up next dirt road.

    We told Johnson to go back in the house and put the shotgun away, he headed that way, Wade and I eased over to the door and heaved it open and looked down into darkness and dirt.

    Now Wade was "ascared" of rats so I had to go first. Kel-lights on we eased down to the floor, just as we hit the bottom we hear hissing and some thing runs by the back wall,then we hear some thing like teeth popp'en.

    Wade says bet it is an old dog fell in here,{D} I damn sure hope so!

    Wade walks over to an old hanging bulb and pulls the chain,, YOU SHOULD HAVE SEE THE RODEO TAKE OFF,

    Seems an old and VERY ANGRY BADGER and clawed his way in, and now had decided to take it out on us,

    It charged Wade and he jumps up yelling,,"SHOOT IT DAVE",,, "NOT ME " as I backed up the dirt steps for distance,,yea thats it distance.

    Wade pulls his 19 and hammers a pair at him, missed him. I finally see him fairly well and send a 44spl his way and clipped his back ,later on finding I broke his spine.

    Just as we are about to close with the enemy and kill him we hear Johnson yelling at us, Thinking there is another commie badger coming for us we retreat to the wall.

    Then we hear Johnson saying/yelling. " Hey you two mind the DYNAMITE!!!!

    Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joesph, both of us come straight up out the house.

    {D} Mr.J What the hell you doing with dynamite??? {J} Been using it to blow stumps.

    {W} Where is it? {J} over on the left wall by the pickled beets.
    {W} under his breath/ Ya sure that makes sense.

    {D} Mr. J when was the last time you used it? {J} About 3 years ago

    Back to the car and call out the Troopers as they had some bomb techs.

    Wade and I flipped the coin to see who was going back in and face the commie badger, I won

    Finished him off and hauled him out, old bugger must of weight in at 40-45 pounds.

    Put him in a big paper bag and into the trunk. Troopers showed up as well as an agent from the Kansas Marshall and his buddy an agent with the old BATF

    Mr. Johnson didn't get charged he had his paper work,but you should have seen his face when the Agent wiped a couple of sticks and flung it and BOOM!!!

    Oh! The commie badger was mounted in a life like pose for later use

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