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This is a discussion on COURT ROOM COMBAT: Semper Fi! within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; don't rattle them, don't antagonize them, and don't mess with the Marines. Semper Fi, Mac... I guess this lawyer did not get a felony conviction; ...

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Thread: COURT ROOM COMBAT: Semper Fi!

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    don't rattle them, don't antagonize them, and don't mess with the Marines. Semper Fi, Mac...

    I guess this lawyer did not get a felony conviction; this would have been far more painful for him since he will lose his license to practice law.

    nonetheless, there is some justice in the world.
    "embrace the suck" - our warriors in the sandbox... it implies that do the best you can in impossible conditions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OPFOR View Post
    How about revoking this turd's license to practice law while we're at it?
    That should have been the first part of the sentencing. Too bad they couldn't force him to join the military too. It might just teach him a little bit about self-discipline and respect.

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    Finally we can get sorta even with France!
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    There is no way the attorney got convicted of a felony for hitting the back of the car. I know a guy that had 3 felonies against Police Officers that got a fine and time served. A couple of nights in jail until his bail was raised. It was evenually dropped to misdemeanors with fines due to his attorney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Crunch View Post
    A Marine drives a Beemer?

    Only kidding!

    Nice to hear the justice system is alive and well.
    Yes, the good old days free rent, free food. All income was disposable.

    +1 on the justice system.
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    Semper Fi!
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    Thank you for everything you have done and endured for the rest of us. You all have a very special place. My Dad was WWII Army Infantry. His discharge papers said he was with the 9TH Infantry he always said he was with the 3RD Infantry. He passed in 2002.
    This was not uncommon in WWII.

    My Dad was in the U.S. Army in WWII but stepped in the wrong line at Ft. Sam Houston. He ended up with the Marines at Okinawa and Pelilieu. His disharge papers said, "Destination ETO." Under awards one of them was "Pacific Theater Campaign Ribbon."

    Plus, in WWII it was not uncommon for guys to "lost" from their unit and picked up by another unit. Things weren't as coordinated as they are today.

    Now, back to our regular program. Give that liar to France, they are worthy of the puke. The arrogance of the french people absolutely astounds me after all we have done for them in not one, but two world wars.


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    That's so funny...Every time a lawyer is convicted, Fast Cloud smiles. Too many of them think they're above the law just because they practice it.
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    Grodner will do community service, spend a year on probation, pay
    restitution and then, if his promise to a newspaper columnist can be
    believed, move to France.
    and tell him to take all the other hippies with him, that should help our welfare system out a bit.
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier View Post
    I think this Think is an ummmm "automatic" action in cases involving LIARS I mean ummm er LAWYERS who're convicted of a felony.
    Man who keyed car gets day in court; so do Marines -- Prisons, Chicago, Patrick Kelly --

    "After the admission, came the details and Grodner was lucky, getting off with a misdemeanor and no jail time, and not a felony even though he caused $2,400 in damage to Sgt. McNulty's car."
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    Semper Fi

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