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Do you have a file with the FBI?

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Thread: Do you have a file with the FBI?

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    yep and several other federal and state agencies as well!!

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    Cool I created one on purpose!

    After several delays on firearms transfers I applied for a VAF, and since receiving it the firearm transfer is approved about the time my SS is received from the application. I was assigned a UPIN (unique personal identification number). This was a solution to a problem that really wasn't mine, but was close enough that it had to be checked out further by NICS, or simply could not be released from the initial application.

    "Pursuant to the Final Rule enacted on July 20, 2004,
    by the Department of Justice in The Federal Register, Volume 69, Number 141, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) National Instant Criminal Background Check System's (NICS) Voluntary Appeal File (VAF) has been established. This process permits applicants to request that the FBI NICS Section maintain information about them in the VAF, a separate file to be checked by the NICS, to prevent erroneous denials and extended delays in the future. Lawful purchasers who have been delayed or denied a firearm transfer because they have a name or date of birth similar to that of a prohibited person may also request that the FBI NICS Section maintain information about them to facilitate future firearms transactions."

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    I'm sure I have a file... my fingerprints for my CCW, and I am a pilot, so I'm sure the FAA shares with the FBI, CIA, etc.
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    No, but, the KGB had one.

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    I imagine the FBI has a computer database that takes a lot of info from credit reports. Address, spouses, employers, credit card stuff, mortgage info...add to it other bad stuff, military, federal info, passport scans, and who knows what else?

    maybe we should start by reviewing our credit reports. You can request it once per year for free. It's more useful too:

    Your Access to Free Credit Reports (this is legit)

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    There are a whole lot of folks that have files on me. No big deal. In fact, if they don't have a file someone should find out what happened to it!
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    no thanks. i know they do anyways. between ccw and security clearance for DOD work, im there somewhere, and im ok with it
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    I know I have an FBI file - former AD with a TS, and current DoD with a S clearance. There's also that "permanent record" that all of my high-school hi-jinks were supposed to have been faithfully recorded in, as well...

    Funny story - in 1979, I flew home on leave from my Army unit in Germany. I am in Class A's, as that was pretty much required when traveling at that time. The flight gets to La Guardia, and I go through customs. I show them my green AD ID card, which was all the ID required to enter the country at the time. They pull me aside and have me sit in a little room by myself for over an hour. I'm about to miss my connecting flight to home, and I start to get nervous. I get up and try the door, and, of course, it is locked.
    Finally, a customs guy opens the door and tells me - "Go ahead, Sergeant, you're free to make your flight. We just had to track you down with the Army. We had no record of your ever having left the country in out files".
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    If you have a ccw you were fingerprinted , if you were fingerprinted you have a " file " with the fbi . It may only contain your print card (s) and possibly a brief form from the submitting agency but none the less its there.
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    I would hope I do..........or I have been working for the wrong people for quite some time.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I'm afraid to see my file... I'm sure I have my own drawer, or even cabinet.
    They microfiched it SIXTO . It was taking up too much space.

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    I have a file with the NSA, FBI, NCIS, CSI, the IRS, MSP, DIA, NSA, State Dept, AARP, NCIS, NATO, USAF, DOD, TDPS, and CONTROL, SMERSH, U.N.C.L.E., CAOS, and IDGAS!
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    Yup. No need to check it. If they have a ?, they know where to find me.

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    Not sure if I have an fbi file, but I know the tsa and dhs has me on their no-fly list for some odd reason.
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    i think tsa might have me confused with someone. i get ex-sprayed every time i fly somewhere.
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