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Do you have a file with the FBI?

This is a discussion on Do you have a file with the FBI? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Even if you do get a copy of your FBI files, do you really think they are going to send you something they don't want ...

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Thread: Do you have a file with the FBI?

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    Even if you do get a copy of your FBI files, do you really think they are going to send you something they don't want you see? Who is going to know otherwise?
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    Yup. 20 yrs Navy with secret clearance, now I work for the local nuclear power plant. Believe it or not, security there is tighter than at the Naval Sub Base Groton.

    Kinda scary.
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    I am sure I do have a file with them, but if there was anything wrong in it, they would have already contacted me about it. They haven't. I don't worry about such things....
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    Anybody that entered the military and needed a secret or above clearance has one for sure.As far as that website #1 it's hinky i'm not giving out personal info over the web and #2 they want $30 bucks for something that is probably free except for postage fees etc.,I'm not involved in anything i need to fear the FBI for anyways,as long as owning guns are legal .
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    Who knows? If you don't and they wanted one, It would take a good 10
    minutes to find out just about everything they need to find you.

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    Yup. So far nothing illegal and they've been as content to leave me alone as I am to leave them alone.

    Most don't realize that any military service, regardless of clearance, warrants an FBI file. It's usually just prints and photo, but it's there. I do get weird looks when this comes up in conversation and I tell folks I literally couldn't get away with spitting on the sidewalk, as they have my DNA on file. If you were in the military after 1993, they've got yours, too. Remember that card with the dots you had to connect to write out your name and social, followed by the cheek swab? They weren't checking for VD!

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    If you don't already have an existing FBI file on you...after you fill that out you'll be in the newly created FBI File of
    Persons Unknown wanting to know if the FBI has a file on them and what have they done illegaly so that they are wondering IF & WHY we have a file on them?
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    More in likely do

    don't care
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