Do you have a file with the FBI?

Do you have a file with the FBI?

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Thread: Do you have a file with the FBI?

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    Do you have a file with the FBI?

    Is the government watching you?

    When it comes to the FBI, some people get a little nervous. Most of the time, that’s probably deserved.
    They've done something wrong. Perhaps their picture is on the bulletin board at the post office. There could be a reward for their capture.
    Most of us know we have nothing to worry about. But that doesn't mean the FBI doesn't have files on us!
    Maybe you were involved in a protest or a civil rights march. Or, maybe you know someone the FBI deemed a person of interest. Then, you might have a file.
    Now that I've piqued your interest, head over to today's Cool Site. Use it to generate a letter requesting your file. Send it off to the FBI.
    While you're at it, send letters to the CIA and other agencies. What the heck, something might turn up. All of this is made possible by the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.
    Get My FBI File

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    if they don't have you on file they will after filling this out! there is something sketchy aobut the site i just don't like.

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    I believe I will pass.............

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    Yeah I am going to have to pass on that one.

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    I'm afraid to see my file... I'm sure I have my own drawer, or even cabinet.
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    If I do, I can assure you the officer in charge of writing it up was bored to madness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSamurai View Post
    if they don't have you on file they will after filling this out! there is something sketchy aobut the site i just don't like.
    This is exactly what I was thinking...I think I'd leave 'well enough' alone!
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    Yep, I have one. U.S. Army and Department of Defense Civilian Employee security clearances. No super secret squirrel, James Bond type clearance or any thing like that, just the basic ones needed for employment. In the last six years I have been printed by the feds about 4 times. Pretty sure my record is clean.

    Funny story. About 1 ½ - 2 years ago I had a copy of Cane & Able on a thumb drive that I forgot about. I stuck the thumb drive into a U.S. Army computer. Their automatic security software generated a report that went up to the Pentagon. I was not allowed to use any computer for more than a week while they conducted a full investigation, including forensics of the computer I had access to. They eventually concluded that it was an honest mistake on my part, but I darn near lost my job. If that didn’t get me a red flag on my FBI file I don’t know what would!
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    I am not a federal employee but anyone wishing to get their actual FOIA files from the FBI this is the appropriate site
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    I already know I have a file, having held a TS security clearance while on AD and a secret as a DOD employee. I'm sure that several CCW license background checks are in there somewhere as well.

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    +1 on the website being sketchy...With the amount of ID theft, I am reluctant to fill any private info out on a website that I don't completely trust. I think I'll pass.

    And, yes, I am sure I have an FBI file.
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    i already know the FBI has a file on me not sure how thick it is that first security clearance form seemed to be at least a ream of paper though.
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    Lets think this out - you had a security clearance while in the service, you worked for a government agency, you got a concealed carry permit, or, you bought a gun. Also, you may have worked for a company that had a government contract and your position required even a cursory check. I'm sure there are more reasons for them to have your file but the above covers most of us.
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    Do you have a file with the FBI?

    Sadly, I suspect I am far too boring for them.
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    Yep. They have a file on me, fingerprints too. When I became a security officer in 1978 we had to submit a set of prints to the State Police and FBI. Also now that I am a Dept. of the Army Police Officer with a security clearance they and other federal agencies have a file on me. No big deal as far as I am concerned.

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