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Thread: Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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    Quote Originally Posted by rost0125 View Post
    Sheriff Joe is the Best. He runs the Jail, like a Jail should be run. I worked at MCSO back in 1988, Madison Street Jail, prior to Sheriff Joe taking office. It was always crowded. Then I can remember him taking Office and I use to see him in the Malls, signing the Pink Underware, to make money for other Dept. matters. He really is the Man. Now I'm back in Michigan, working in a Jail again and our Sheriff now is afraid of everything, especially being sued, so he ahs the top staff making sure inmates get everything. It BS but I will be out soon. I also took my Corrections Academy at Durange Jail before working at MCSO.. What a 6 weeks program. It did help out. I was a road officer prior to moving to Az.
    I agree.
    My wife's younger brother is a MCSO and we couldn't be more pround of the work he's doing.
    Sheriff Joe - A Real American Hero!

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    All this and still the inmates come. Must not be too bad.

    And I have read that his SWAT team has some issues with minor crimes and getting the wrong address, one which resulted in a big house fire from a flash bang.

    All inmates in VA who go out on work detail get cold bologna sandwiches every day. I know because they wash my medics and clean my bathrooms every other Wednesday. And VA is a state that kisses their butts on humane practice.

    I used to work for VA corrections. One thing I agree with is letting them work out. Better free weights than me when they get bothered.
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    Sheriff Joe is one of my heroes. He has been one of my heroes for years.

    I would vote for him for President if he ran. Hell, I'd vote for him for just about any office he ran for. He knows how to get things done and the liberals hate him for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    I used to work for VA corrections. One thing I agree with is letting them work out. Better free weights than me when they get bothered.
    My only problem with that is that the inmate is huge when they leave prison and are probably in better shape and stronger than most LEOs. What does an inmate have to do beside eat, sleep and work out? Giving inmates free weights is settting them up to be harder to arrest when they are paroled, IMHO. If the inmate wants to work out, let them use bodyweight exercises. Plus, free weights are weapons if the inmates so choose. I have heard of cases where inmates have been killed by other inmates using free weights. One was on death row where one killer killed another killer with a weight plate and stomping his head. Another one is when an inmate was doing bench press and other inmates dropped a weight plate on his groin to cause him to drop the barbell and it landed on his throat.
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    With what I've heard, I agree with him. It all sounds good, but it's hard to make any real calls about his character without knowing all of the facts (most of which none of us will ever know).

    What I can say is that, at least around here, everything that I've heard has been in agreement with what he's doing. Which is a good swing from the general ACLU stance most people take. So, at the very least, whether he is an ethical person or not, it's good to hear someone going against the grain and not getting bad mouthed because of it.

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    If you think his jail is inhumane,you need to be incercerated in mexico,or a third world country where you might ssee a judge years after you are arrested if you're lucky and get railroaded in a kangaroo court.A lot of things that people do time for here in some countrys they take em out back and shoot them in the head,bullets are cheaper than feeding ya rice even though it's infested with maggots
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
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    it is not cruel and unusual to force criminals to live in GP mediums. its quite humain and very common. its as if he's running a one man "inquisition" its fair humain and it works. unlike the huggy feely crap peopl like pushing these days.
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