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Thread: DEA the TV show

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    I watched it too and for people who know nothing about guns,to hear these federal officers spew BS and outright lies about the weapons they encountered to the unknowledgable public,they should be called on their crap in public,if you're gonna purport something as factual they need to be called on it like disclaimers at the end of the show like the officer has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to teflon bullets and other firearms he mentioned,also i don't believe there was ever an attack on U.S. soil that an RPG was ever used.
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    Relax guys, its all about adding entertainment value to the show.
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    Okay, I get the Mac-10 thing. "High-powered" is obviously a technical term that has a specific meaning. To the average layman "high-powered" can mean just about anything, but to a gun guy it says something specific, yes?

    As for the AK-47 thing, I think that some of you guys are making too big of a deal about the DEA guy saying "it's the new pistol." I saw the show, and he certainly wasn't indicating that it was a pistol. He was making a point of comparison saying that the AK has replaced the pistol as the drug world's weapon of choice. Like the (stupid, idiotic) designers on the shows my wife likes to watch saying "Blue is the new green."

    But as for AK's being cop-killers, I have to admit a large inadequacy of knowledge concerning so-called "teflon-coated bullets." However, I did just watch an episode of Futureweapons (which is anything but an "anti" show) last night where Mac put a single AK round straight through a 1/4 plate of steel. That seems to be something that should seriously concern any LEO.

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