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This is a discussion on New York Cops - Gun Cams within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Leader Why would any police officer NOT want this???? It would PROVE that the police are never WRONG. But seriously i do ...

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Thread: New York Cops - Gun Cams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leader View Post
    Why would any police officer NOT want this???? It would PROVE that the police are never WRONG.

    But seriously i do see hesitations & officers probably being killed because of it ...
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    As mentioned by another poster this is only going to give part of the picture. It will do nothing to show the events leading up to the drawing a firing.

    This is one of those ideas that sound good on paper and to the folks who will not be directly affected by it. In reality it will probably get some good cops killed.

    A really stupid idea.

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    one good thing though is that it could help with training. assuming the camera is aligned with the bore reasonably well it would allow the officer to better understand why he is hitting in a certain location rather than where he intends too. personaly i'd like a few of these to improve marksmanship for soldiers(and make certain use of force inestigators shut up)
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    Waste of more prisons and lengthen stays...

    It's called 'criminal control'...
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    How about requiring all police and all civilians who are old enough to walk, to wear some kind of cam, just to make sure they are reviewed later on to see if they did everything right that day. All walks of life. 24 hours a day.
    This is comparable to the nonsense about the NYPD gun cams, another excuse to second-guess police.
    Way too much time on their hands, these people who think up this BS
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    It has merit but, not fesable

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    Well ideally it would be a useful tool to exonerate officers of misconduct . However in the real world... When Officers have to draw down on someone its pretty standard and for good reason for every officer in the area to draw and be ready to engage the known or unknown offenders. Now we have somewhere between 2 and 20 live cameras with sound in the area just on the pistols , not to count the dashcams. When momma's little honor student develops holes where the good lord hand no intention of him having them, They will immediately and preemptively seize every record of the event within a couple of miles . There will be great strife with local, and quite possibly national , poverty whores showing up to beat the breast, knash teeth , and rub ashes for the public media . The administration who employs the officers , and possibly other .gov Ameobas..ermm agencys will face political pressure due to the unfortunate leakage inflicted on our stalwart honor student and loving child. The powers that be will set to reviewing the accumulated video/audio evidence with an eye to making the whole incident go away.
    They will not have the officer who had to put down a rabid dog's welfare as a high priority rather in the fine tradition of appeasement they will be looking for a tasty tidbit for the media mob .
    Now we have likely hours of video/audio which they can comb throe looking for the least of any violation of dept policy and procedures . How well will an officer who under stress used " strong language " or the civil courts preserve us , actually was startled into covering an innocent citizen with his handgun fair ? I ask this keeping in mind that Jeannie Assam ( of the colorado springs church fame ) was supposedly fired due to having a verbal confrontation and denying she REMEMBERED swearing at a person when dashcam evidence clearly showed she had . Now lets take a fella who has spent the last 19 yrs and 6 months protecting the public who is within the range of the " evidentairy seizure " of the recordings , and who commited a " fireable offense " such as disrespecting the public , drawing his gun , ect.. Without questioning his morals , intent , or credibility i cant help but wonder just how " pliable and plastic " his recollection of events that happened off camera could become under proper incentive .
    Now cops are not at the top of the food chain when it comes to raw brain horsepower ( i know that because i was smart enough to be one ) , however every street officer out there can come to the conclusions i have in far less time than it takes me to type the post . With that in mind i suspect that the units simply are not robust enough to survive the " rigors of use " nor can they be made so with todays technology . Lenses will get broken , chips will become corrupted due to accidental exposure to strong magnetic fields , such as the heavy duty alternator on a squad car , or even for the unimagnitave batterys do go dead .
    Now i reached a high level with a couple of small depts over the years and having a voice on policy i would never consider this crap . Granted i am a fossil nowadays , and some would say policed in a simpler time, however if i felt that i needed a " pistol cam " for any officer i had ways to ease him out and into a more suited line of employment .

    Folks we either trust the men and women we hire to do every citizens duty or we dont . For myself i trust every person employed in public safety to do THE BEST THEY CAN every call . I don't demand they be perfect, or likable , only competent .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I'm guessing that the holster manufacturers will be gearing up for the new gear. Could you imagine? The gun cam----what next?

    How about a bullet-cam? Soon enough the technology will be here!
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    As A citizen the knee jerk response would be there great, it will stop all sorts of bad shootings!
    In reality cameras may not, lie but they don’t always tell the whole truth.
    As for training, someone said before, the camera will be pointed down most of the time.
    I think it’s just another waste of tax payer’s money.

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    This is what you get when you let the lawyers have too much say in what the police can and can't use to do their jobs.
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    I'm with the crowd that's concerned.

    I see the merits of such a system, and I do believe it would help Officers anytime they're on their own.

    Along with the concerns of others, I am also concerned about reaction time. What happens when the officer's trigger is about to break, as the BG drops his gun. To the uninitiated the footage will look like the Officer shot him as after he dropped his gun. Those that know stressful situations know that the Officer cannot undo pulling the trigger and couldn't possibly react to the BG dropping the gun that fast. I just think defense attorneys and those prosecuting or suing the Officer will have a heydey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Only one problem i see is that until you draw you're weapon there is no video so nobody sees what led up to you having to draw you're weapon,I see more dead cops because they hesitate that fraction of a second more and the BG gets off the first shot
    Because the LEO shouldn't be concerned about his actions being wrong and judged as so in the aftermath...

    Sorry, but LEOs in places like NY are begging (ed.: sarcastically and figuratively) for this technology to be introduced because of incidents like Amidu Dialo and Bell. I would imaging it begins recoding as soon as it clears the holster and would store up to X amount of minutes before recording over. After a shooting the weapon would immediately be taken and evidence gained from it.

    If you want to avoid such technology becoming present then lay off the spray and pray. For LEOs I see this as a reasonable measure, just like the dash mounted cam that was railed against...
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    I fail to see why a recording of the event would be considered a bad thing.

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    My problem with it is that most of the people that will be looking at it have never faced that kind of situation before in their lives.

    How then are they qualified to judge?
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    I wonder how many of the videos will end up on YouTube. Also, when they are off duty they can use them to take home videos. What a useful tool!

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