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Officer wrecks squad car 29 minutes into job

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Thread: Officer wrecks squad car 29 minutes into job

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    We had a rookie (3rd day on the job) Dallas police officer get into a shootout the other day. Him & his FTO shot the bad guy, who I believe died. They are both on routine admin leave. What a way to get a few days off.

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    A friend of mine was on his first shift after getting out of FTO. Pulls up to do a door to door with his sergeant, and hoping to impress him, pulls up a little too close. Popped both of their side view mirrors off! Yeah, he made an impression all right......
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    Sometimes stuff just happens and there is nothing you can do about it.

    A couple of years ago, I had stopped a drunk and ended up arresting him for DWI and put him in the back of the car where he promptly fell asleep while we were waiting for the tow truck to come get his truck.

    So the tow truck, a roll back, pulls up to the truck and proceeds to hook it up and get it up on the platform. I had parked behind the truck and was standing there writing some notes about the stop on my clipboard.

    They get the truck on the platform and its still angled up and all of a sudden the cable that they pulled it up there with decides to let go and the truck goes back down the angled ramp and smacks into my car and the back end crawls up over the hood. I had just stepped out from the between the two as I was writing down the license plate number.

    It busted the grill, smashed the fiberglass front end and turned the headlights down to were they were all bust useless. The back bumper of the truck was folded completely under the truck. There I was standing their in shock and disbelief and it seemed like the whole thing happened in slow motion.

    So, since the vehicle was involved in a wreck, as standard procedure we use a different agency to investigate it, in this case it was the Ar.State Police. He came and took pictures and thought it was pretty funny.

    I drove the car back to the station, a few days later it was repaired for a measly sum of 3500 bucks. I thought I would never hear the end of it, but the Sheriff never said much except to just shrug and say that "stuff happens."

    Another guy made took a call to a "cows out" call. He had just got issued his new cruiser, it has less than 150 miles on it, I think it was the second day he had driven it.

    He didn't see any cows milling about, so he drives across a cattle guard and is just siting there in a pasture and looking around and out of nowhere a Brahman Bull that weighed around a ton came charging full steam and attacked his car. He was convinced that the bull was trying to kill him. Before he could back out of the pasture, the bull has busted his headlights, tail lights caved in the trunk lid, and smashed his driver and passenger side door and knocked part of his light bar loose. That one cost about 4 grand to get fixed and he swore up and down that the whole episode lasted about 10 seconds.

    Sometimes....stuff just happens.
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    My ex-wife wrecked two cars in one shift. First was in route to a DV call and she shot an intersection to shallow and sideswiped an oncoming car, no injuries. Second was five hours later (about 15 minutes after initial paperwork/urine test was complete). Again in route to a call, a city truck clipped her rear end while preforming a rolling stop removing her rear bumper, no injuries. She was then assigned a early-90's Ford Taurus from the lot (this is 1998), which she drove until the dept got new Impalas (2001), then she upgraded to a five yr old Chevy Caprice (same car she wrecked twice) even though she was senior officer in that section.
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    I knew an LEO that wrecked his car, had to use the Chief's car since there were none in reserve. Rolled the Chief's car on the next shift.

    A few years ago, saw a story on TV about an LEO first day without an FTO, got into a shootout.
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    Somrtimes It Happens In Numbers Brothe (leo) Got Bit By Cow On Call Went To Hospital On Way Home Someone Pulled Out In Front Of Him Bad Day..

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    Sorry Ment Chow

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    Dear Chief,
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    That would screw up my shift to. I think I would just go home sick.....LOL

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