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Army v. USMC boot camp

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Thread: Army v. USMC boot camp

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    Old Army memories...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slabsides45 View Post
    Went through OSUT (One Station Unit Training) for Infantry School at Ft. Benning, GA in August. Got the daily grand tour of Harmony Church, complete with the sand pits and the dreaded low crawl. Lots of fun. Was never addressed as a warrior, soldier, etc. until the week before we graduated. I loved basic and AIT, especially bivouac, but getting to W. Germany after that hardcore stuff left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not made for painting rocks for some light bird Colonel who's coming to visit.... Did my time, got out, and went to school.

    Always wondered if I'd gone into the Corps instead, if I'd have ever gotten out. Dunno what life for leathernecks was like after basic, but it would HAVE to be more hardcore than the crappy time I spent as an infantryman/painter.
    I was in the Army in the 90's and your right there was no nice and sensitive drill sergeants. I did OSUT Abrams training in Ft Knox, KY and the Drill Sergeants were hardcore! But thats what they are supposed to be, we're not supposed to train an Army of wimps. Hope they are not that way everywhere.
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    Man, I hated most of it. I was not cut out to be regimented or told what to do.

    Having said that, some of it was pretty cool. I was in good shape, and had always been a physical guy, so I liked the PT.

    I also liked what I affectionately recall as "playing war in the woods", "hiking", shooting (duh) and "camping".

    But other than those parts, it sucked, sucked, sucked. Esp. COD. Esp. marching in formation everywhere (incl. to eat). Lots of hurry up so we can go stand in another line for hours.

    I thought all those things were just one inefficient cluster**** after another.

    Oh, well.
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    The debate of MC vs USA boot camp in never ending. Having worked as an instructor training all service members in jungle operations, having seen both services doing the same things under some very uncomfortable settings, I can honestly say that there is good and bad in all of them. I do not believe the ratio is any better between them. It is all what you make out of it IMO. The two major combat services have differing methods of training. Both very effective just different. I think all US military personnel are the best in the world bar none.

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    uh-oh I think i got a woody after watching that.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slabsides45 View Post
    I'm not made for painting rocks for some light bird Colonel who's coming to visit.... Did my time, got out, and went to school.

    Always wondered if I'd gone into the Corps instead, if I'd have ever gotten out. Dunno what life for leathernecks was like after basic, but it would HAVE to be more hardcore than the crappy time I spent as an infantryman/painter.
    I hope I'm not destroying the mystique, but the Corps had those that liked their rocks painted too.

    The SgtMaj in my first unit insisted that the underside was painted too. Attention to Detail, I guess.

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    that marine video reminds me of fort sill. i truely miss that place.
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    I know this about Boot Camp and all, but trying to figure out if Army boot is tougher than USMC boot is kinda like quibbling over the bronze medal.

    Isn't BUD/S just about the toughest school in the US military?

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    Wow...those Army Basic videos bring back memories. Hollywood at Ft Jackson now THAT was some fun......

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    I think the "this Bud/s for you" boys are almost as tough as USMC Recon. training!!!!

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    A long time ago.
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    I was stationed just up from NAB Coronado where BUD's was. IMO SEALs are the toughest in the business. I must give a tip of the hat to USAF Pararescue. Tough schooling and tough missions for both.
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    The uniforms are different, and I too was never called anything but "Private" until post graduation, but all of that 'fun' at reception sure looked familiar in the Army video. If I never see Missouri again it will be too soon. The parts I remember most clearly were being more dog-dead tired than ever before or since from having to pull two and three fire guard shifts a night (we had a particularly sadistic drill who punished the whole platoon by making us pull the extra shifts) and crawling across that damn rocky stretch of dirt under the machine gun fire to finish off the FTX. I knew that once I crossed that thing I had as good as graduated. No one has ever low crawled that fast before or since. The upside is that now few things are difficult by comparison. I have to laugh when my friends in college are intimidated by grumpy professors. I've yet to see one who scared me as much as DS Morales!
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    I missed seeing the Mt. Suribachi recreation where all the recruits dump their footlockers and push all the contents to the middle of the squad bay and the DI's walk over it and then give 60 seconds for everything to be put away. That was fun. Took me almost the whole 13 weeks to get all my stuff back since there was very little free time.
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    I always hated when you missed one little corner of your bed and when you get back to the barracks your mattress had been thrown out the window and you have to lug it up the 3 flights of stairs I had to go, after cleaning off the snow (Ft. Leonard Wood in November can be fun).

    Or you forget to lock your locker and all your stuff is now in the middle of the friggin floor with your shaving cream sprayed all over it. Sad part is, the one time I did that, the lock was hanging from the key on my dog tag chain and I never felt it.
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