bad impressions?

bad impressions?

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Thread: bad impressions?

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    bad impressions?

    This might take a second to type out-so bear with me.

    I work as a manager in a town within a couple miles of Fort Lee Army base. So needless to say , I get ALOT of military customers, and deal with alot of military folk. I was always raised, with the utmost respect of the military and LEO's from my dad.

    Lately I been questioning these feelings. Some of the rudest, ignorant, stubborn, etc customers and encounters I've had lately, have come from guys in full uniform. While I want to still hold them in high respects-it does make me feel disapointed,and unsure.

    E.G. theres always a group of 4-5 guys that come regularly, wearing army camos... they always wait in the same area in the lobby, blocking the way past them.(towards one of the entrances/and the bathrooms) When asked "excuse me" so I can get by they just turned around to look at me,and went back to their conversation not letting me pass...this has happened several times to the point I've requested they donot block said hallway, or they can take their business elsewhere.

    I've almost called the police on several other regulars due to reckless driving,and excessive speeding in the parking lot into my company, and almost had a couple of employees ran over by them! I've even had a uniformed guy try to argure with me, after he missed a 17 year old high school employee of mine, but about a foot and a half. I've declined all future services for him.

    I've told more military people while they were in full uniform to start acting respectable --or-- not to bring more business.

    Like I said---I want so badly to respect military and whatnot, but tihs is really irking me.

    (Forgive my bad grammer)

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    You gotta understand that a lot of soldiers are young kids away from home for the first time, much like college kids... and they act foolishly sometimes when they are not under anybody's thumbs for the first time.
    Factor in that a lot of personnel just don't know better and they have cash in their pockets and "are somebody" for the first times in their lives, they sometimes can be a handful to deal with.
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    I'm AD military. When I witness rude, disrespectful, or outright stupid behivior from a member of the military I will stop just shy of making a scene. I really detest that behivior. I don't want me or any of my sailors to be resented because I wear the same uniform as some idiot.

    Most of the military here are good, quality individuals who behave for the most part. But there's always those.............

    +1 on SIXTO's post as well

    Perhaps an editoral or call to Fort Lee Traveller: Official News Publication of Ft Lee Virginia or TEAM_LEE_VOICE discussing the behivior of those acting the idiots and causing resentment to the very community 'who serve those who serve'. Maybe even and editoral to the local paper to get the attention of those in charge of the idiots to assist in help 'policing' the ill-mannered among them.

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    Get their names and give the base commander a call.

    Most bases are very eager to keep good relations with the locals. If you give the names to the commander he/she will deal with it. The military doesn't like its members being rude and acting like little punks toward the local civilians, it makes all military members look bad. If you start with the commander "crap" rolls down hill, by the time it reaches the guilty party they will be in for one hell of a "crap" storm.
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    I'd go to the Command Chief with your him/her. Also, many bases have a community relations office of sorts. There is also the inspector general's office that might be able to point you in the right direction.

    Perhaps I missed it...but what kind of business?


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    What kind of business?

    Figure out which is the senior of the group and ask to speak with him or her privately...and explain your position.

    Also, follow-up with the post commander and sergeant major, preferably in writing/e-mail.
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    A call to a 'commanding officer' can do wonders for manners. Hopefully they were marines...(any young-in's can act stupid), but in the case of young Marines, THEIR commanding officer will change their public behavior in a heartbeat. They will probably be back to your place the next weekend asking if they can do anything for you.
    I speak from 13 years of experience...6 years as an officer, and 7 years as a school administrator on a naval airstation with Marine guards.
    The Navy kids would act up at times just like the Marines, but the Marines FEARED their Gunny. I've seen 19 year old Marines cry and actually beg that you didn't call the Gunny...a powerful lesson in respect. Sometimes, all that is needed is just a reminder as to who holds the keys to your life!

    Good luck with your difficulties.
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    Regular Army is less disciplined than the Marines, it sounds like, not sure, your having trouble in a restaurant type business. I'd place a call to the senior enlisted, in most cases that would be the Sgt. Major, share with him what you have witnessed and your concern is for the honorable reputation of the men in uniform. If the military is anything like it was when I served you should see vast improvement.
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    Always sad to hear about a lack of professionalism

    I am always saddened when I hear reports of less than professional behavior. I do disagree with some of the advise being offered. If this were me, then I would much rather that I have a friendly semi-private one on one conversation. Point out the problem suggest alternative conduct and appeal to self-respect.

    Having been on the receiving end of a "No dogs or military" sign when I was in California. I would give these kids a break. I feel that they probably are not aware of the image that they are projecting.

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    +1 Get their names and find out what unit their in and give their Sgt Maj a call ASAP.


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    +1 on giving the senior enlisted man a call. Most often, that will result in a much more effective result that the likely "official" action taken if the commanding officer is brought in on it.

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    It's a generation gap of sorts. The military taught us/teaches them to do the job. Respect and scruples come from home. If the military is their only family, then there are only outside influences left to correct, or instill normal etiquette among these sort. Days gone by are lost days...gone forever. If you be the one to instill some manners where necessary, so be it. How can anyone be respected unless they respect? In any group, there will always be those who give the group a bad name.

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    It's been a long time since the draft, and enlistment criteria has changed. So has mandatory discipline. It's a shame when we offer felons the choice of prison or the military.
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    You could call their senior enlisted man, that would do the trick.

    +1 to SIXTO as well, I'm an old man in my company at 23, most of the guys I went to boot camp with were 18, and acted as dumb as the people I was a freshman in college with.

    In general, I've noticed the further I go from a Marine base, the more people tend to like Marines, I don't think that is a complete coincidence.
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    Wow, alot of replies, thanks guys. I can say that the isssues with rudeness and whatnot has ranged from 'young' guys, to folks alot 10+ years older than me. I'm 22 years old. We run a carwash/detail/quicklube. ALOT of the military guys are into the 'bling bling' car scene(eg oversized chrome wheels,and whatnot).

    I suppose it just really frustrates me when I see military like that. I'm not able to join the military or be a LEO(health), so that adds to me getting irked, b/c I always had a very strong desire to serve as a marine.

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