Simunitions and Sights.

Simunitions and Sights.

This is a discussion on Simunitions and Sights. within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My agency picked up some simunition Glocks 2 years ago. They are a great training tool. I had used them before in the NYPD. They ...

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Thread: Simunitions and Sights.

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    Simunitions and Sights.

    My agency picked up some simunition Glocks 2 years ago. They are a great training tool. I had used them before in the NYPD. They just started using them in training before I left.

    A couple of weeks ago we were doing some scenarios. I knew this already but the training proved it; at close ranges you're not using your sights. I had good COM hits on the BGs between 3-10 yds. We did one scenario with an armed home invader. My partner and I go in and we're clearing the house. BG engages us in a large room upstairs. We both take cover. My partner's gun jams. BG is throwing rounds his way from behind cover (only his head, shoulder and arm are exposed). So I line up the sights from about 12 yards and "bang" nice head shot. BG (cop ofcourse) keeps shooting at my partner. So, I give him two more nice head shots, both of which now partially cover his face shield and he cannot see well, or realizes hey, I probably would not have survived three head shots. Now, the cover he was using was a matress. In a real life situation I could have fired through the matress, but a sim round would not have gone through obviously. However, it was nice to know that I could aquire a quick sight picture on a small target at 12 yards under stress and score good hits. Grant it, the stress of a real shooting would be a lot worse. But sims does create a higher stress level than shooting at targets.

    I wish that we could train with sims more often. It's a lot of fun and great training.
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    The use of non-lethal marking training tools in properly administered force-on-force scenarios can be a valuable training resource, with much to be learned. Valuable to the point as to be nearly indispensable. As to the sights, having put my time in, taken my lumps, and learned my lessons over the years I get on my sights or decide not to use them as appropriate.
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    That was also my experience. In fact, they had spray painted the gun sights so that you couldn't use them in our scenarios. Inside about 7 yards we never missed and I don't think I ever looked over the top of my gun to aim.
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    IMHO use of Simunitions and other marking tools are as good as it gets without being involved in live fire.
    It's a shame that the ammunition is so darn expensive as MORE persons both LEO and civilian should have exposure to as much if even just for a couple of hours exercise to experience first hand what you have learned NY27.
    I personally totally agree, having also done Simunitions training, that it's atleast 99% 'Point Shooting' by instinct under 21' and less distances.

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