L.A. Sheriff tries to ban mix of drinking, guns

L.A. Sheriff tries to ban mix of drinking, guns

This is a discussion on L.A. Sheriff tries to ban mix of drinking, guns within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; http://www.mercurynews.com/breakingnews/ci_10954441 The Associated Press Article Launched: 11/11/2008 02 19 AM PST LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is planning to prohibit off-duty deputies from ...

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Thread: L.A. Sheriff tries to ban mix of drinking, guns

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    L.A. Sheriff tries to ban mix of drinking, guns


    The Associated Press
    Article Launched: 11/11/2008 0219 AM PST

    LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is planning to prohibit off-duty deputies from carrying guns while drinking after several highly publicized allegations in recent years of intoxicated deputies firing weapons.
    Baca says there has been a "very disturbing" rise in alcohol-fueled misbehavior among his deputies. Since 2004, more than a dozen have been accused of brandishing or shooting a gun while under the influence of alcohol. And 61 deputies have been arrested on alcohol-related charges this year, most of them for driving under the influence, and most of them armed when they were arrested.

    The deputies' union is opposing any restrictions on the carrying of weapons.

    Union leader Steve Remige says the policy would let criminals know that deputies who had put them away would at times be unarmed.

    Although I agree with very little that comes out of CA. I have to support this move on the part of the sheriff. Just because someone is a LEO should not give them the right to carry while drinking. I understand the argument their union leader is trying to use, but it is a safety issue for the citizens of LA county.
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    To me the union argument is a smoke screen. if you are armed, you should not be drinking. Do that at home if your woried about a prior spoting you.

    it seams like a choice the LEO will have to make, be armed or drink.
    I know what I would pick.
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    Alcohol impairs judgement and doesn't care if you got a badge or not.I would not want to get in a SD shooting after having a couple drinks,some over zealous prosecutor could change the way you perceived the threat as you being under the influence and in a drunken stupor/rage killed the victim for no reason.I don't drink,but if I did I would leave the gun at home.
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    It is already against their department policy for drunk off-duty officers to shoot people. Why is another rule needed?
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    Assault, criminal mischief, making threats ... there are already all sorts of codes on the books that would cover the situations described. Can't imagine how one more wagglin' of the fingers is evil-doers is going to keep them from doing so. If they mistreat others, arrest them under all the existing statutes that cover those misdeeds. This should be that difficult.
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    I would prefer the badly behaving/drinking deputies be disarmed 'for their safety and mine'...

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    Agreed with Baca...and this is the exact same case as is what went down in NYC toward cops their, following this summer past an instance where an officer used his arm in self-defense (which was valid) upon exiting a bar having had multiples of beers and a BAL rating indicating that he was firmly intoxicated.

    Alcohol + Firearms/Airplanes/Trains/Boats/Cars/Motorcycles/Bicycles etc. do not mix well, period.

    - Janq
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    When I was on the department I used to drink allot! Drinking was ingrained into the culture. After seeing numerous partners and other officers get them selfs in compromising positions I stopped drinking when I would carry. But this is a part of police history that everyone needs to find out on there own. Especially working a busy area it is natural to discuss the evenings shift over a drink with others that have "been there and survived".

    The best advice is to stay out of the bar when you have a gun. Don't put yourself in a compromising position and be prudent about their behavior, both on and off duty. I believe that what an officer does always reflects on the profession and the department.

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