Question for a police officer....

Question for a police officer....

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Thread: Question for a police officer....

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    Question for a police officer....

    I work in the oil and gas industry and the company I work for is talking about possibly laying people off. I know I will not be fired for doing bad work, becuase my boss keeps telling me I'm doing great. But I am at the bottom of the totem pole, I have only been there 6 months.

    If I do get layed off I think I would want to start applying with cities as a police officer, its always something I've been interested in.

    I have been on two ride alongs when I was in college and love both of them. I'm only 24 in good physical shape with a college degree.

    I am wondering what current police officers think about their job? Also what is the current job market like for officers? And if anyone could help with the job market, or give me their views on police departments in the Dallas and Houston area.
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    I'll give you a general answer since I'm no where near Texas.

    It is the greatest job in the world not the easiest but the greatest. Unfortunately, I would imagine that in light of the current economic realities openings will be few and far between. Just keep trying and if you are in the right place, at the right time, you might get lucky.

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    Apply everywhere you possibly can. The odds are in the numbers.
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    If you have your degree, start looking at Federal LE jobs as well. Most will want some military or law enforcement experience, but it never hurts to check. Don't just look at the big ones (FBI, DEA, ATF) either - there is the Marshal's Service, Secret Service, Diplomatic Security, CID and NCIS and OSI (no, you don't actually have to be in the military for some of their positions), and most cabinet departments have sworn Agents ("1811s") in their Offices of the Inspector General.

    It may take some digging and some time, and you may not end up in Texas, but it can be a great career.
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    Check with the Border Patrol. They have been all over the country trying to get people to sign up.
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    Given your age, and that you have a college degree, I would advise you to work one or two years in a local law enforcement agency, and then jump to Federal.

    There are things that the feds aren't good about teaching you, that the local agencies are. The "street level" local expirience will be an asset to you throughout your federal career. Don't wait too long though, if you can't get hired by a local agency within a year, just go federal.

    That's my $0.02 on the matter. Good luck and stay safe.


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    I volunteer as an Auxiliary State Trooper in Florida. I was able to get my certification at night and on weekends on the State's dime. If there is anything like that near you take a look at it. Once you get started the transition should be easier if you do need to find work.

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    Houston PD has plenty of openings, and the recruiting division is sending, or has sent, folks to the Detroit area as the auto industry wanes.

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    Along with HPD, look at the Harris County Sheriff's Dept. The Sheriff's dept. has no age limit and does not require any college credits, but pays additionally for credit hours and degrees. I spent too many years there to count.

    PM me if you want more detailed info.
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    Although it's not LE the CIA has been advertising.
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    I love my job. Civil service is the way to go. It is more secure than the private sector. Cops seldom get laid off. Once you have some time in your job will be pretty secure as long as you don't do anything stupid.
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