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LEO crash leads to a question.

This is a discussion on LEO crash leads to a question. within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by archer51 Not trying to start any argument here, but if your state law makes seat belt use mandatory, then there really isn't ...

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Thread: LEO crash leads to a question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Not trying to start any argument here, but if your state law makes seat belt use mandatory, then there really isn't any question. Being a LEO does not exempt you from following that law.
    If it is the law and you are injured, you are screwed. You are not entitled to workmans comp, and insurance does not have to pay, due to your negligence.
    Exactly why the report did not mention the failure to use seat belts.
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    I'm dying to make some "woman driver " comment, but perhaps I shouldn't. I did note that she was with a field training officer, so I might assume she was kinda new.

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    our dept policy is to weat the seatbelts

    however, once we get within a block or two of our call destination we remove them to prepare for getting out, its not an issue, never been a problem

    as for code 3 driving....firetrucks and ambulances generally move slower than LEO vehicles and are larger than LEO vehicles, they are more visible and are upon motorists less quickly than a fast moving patrol car, therefore motorists can see them and react faster in getting out of the way, etc; that being said, when we go code 3 we always go with the assumption that someone either won't see/hear us or will intentionally not get out of the way/yield, very dangersous at times but we do not have the "I'm king of the road with my lights on" mentality
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    Quote Originally Posted by XD 45 View Post
    Military Police use drop down leg holsters and they do have retention devices. They have a thumb guard and a device that goes over the gun while in the holster ( not sure of what it is called at the moment)
    Military Police use all sorts of rigs - I've seen any number of holster combos over here. The most common are the Safariland drop leg with rotating hood retention device (the one I use) and Serpas. I've seen older Blackhawk Omegas as well, and others that I can't brand/model identify. I've also seen a good number of chest mounted rigs as well. They may be uniform where you are, but they certainly aren't here...but at least we/they aren't still using those Bianchi flap holster abominations.
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    I most always wore mine, for safety and "example", but in certain situations didn't. State law exempted us, Department policy was to wear them while patroling, however give us generic exemptions "officer discretion" as necessary.
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    And much like OPFOR, I can certify that that there are some LEOs who are forbidden by policy to wear seatbelts at certain times in moving vehicles. And who aren't required to use retention devices on holsters.

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    I bet they will be wearing those seat belts next time. If I get stopped here without a seat belt the fine is over a hundred dollars. It looks like a case of poor judgment and they should pay the same fine that you or I would have to pay. It's a shame they got hurt.

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