Odd LEO encounter...

Odd LEO encounter...

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Thread: Odd LEO encounter...

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    Odd LEO encounter...

    The other nite whilst walking my dog, I came across a woman's wallet and contents dumped out in the gutter... DL, SS card, credit cards, business cards, etc... it was in a plastic Walmart bag with some of the stuff spilling out of it. My first thought was someone got ripped off, the BGs took the cash and heaved her stuff into the gutter... so I went to collect her stuff to try to call her with her ID and cards...

    But then I thought, "what if this person has been abducted or something...? Should I preserve fingerprints, etc...?" So I picked up a stick and pushed all her stuff back into the Walmart bag, carried it with 1 finger in the loop, and brought it home.

    Once home, I carefully fished out the DL by the edges so as not to cover her stuff with MY thumbprints, and the license was from a town some 30 miles south of me, so this wallet traveled a ways. So I call the non-emergency line of the Sheriff's office and they send out a car (in less than 4 minutes on the non-emergency line... not bad!)...

    At the risk of sounding sexist, it was a woman deputy... just a fact. She took the stuff, wrote down my info, etc... and I remembered something I had seen here. I've seen people advise others to ask the local police what ammunition they use, and to use that as your SD round. So since the officer was relaxed and seemed friendly, I pointed at her polymer pistol and asked, "Is that a Glock...?"

    She responds yes, and I ask her what model, and she says, "I'm not sure..."


    I tell her about what I have read online about using the same ammo as the local constabulary, and I ask, "so what ammo do you use...?"

    Her reply to me was, "Oh, I dunno... whatever they give me. I'm not really into guns..."

    I was a little surprised. I said that I thought that a patrol officer would be keenly aware of the details of her weapon, her duty ammo...

    She said she qualifies a couple times a year, but she's "not into it, like most of the guys..."

    I said goodnite, and she left... as she drove away, I said, "Please be safe..."

    Please tell me this is not typical... I can't believe that I know more about guns and ammunition that ANY county sheriff...

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    I post on officer.com and I have heard that some officers dont' know anythign about Hollow point ammo.

    there was a program on AE i think, about DEA busts. this one DEA agent was telling the tv/media w/e that the AK47s used by the bad guys have special bullets that are coated with teflon so they can pierce bullet proof vests

    I saw that and I was like

    you'd be surprised..... I have one buddy who is LEO. (of few) he only shoots to qualify, besides that, never..... I always try to bring him with me to the range, and my other LEO friend who is a firearms inst and a big gun guy. he never wants to come out

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    Scary isn't it. It's just a job and they "have to" wear a gun.
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    Very good examples of why we need to be armed. Do you really want to depend on them to protect you?!
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
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    Odd Police Encounter

    Quote Originally Posted by PointnClick View Post
    Please tell me this is not typical... I can't believe that I know more about guns and ammunition that ANY county sheriff...

    I tend to agree with you that this would seem a bit odd. I would like to think that I knew what make, model and caliber handgun I was carrying as my primary duty weapon. It would even be helpful knowing what type ammunition I was carrying as well. But I'm only going by 2 years of working as an armed security guard too. I knew I carried a S/W Model 10 w/heavy barrel. I also knew the ammunition I carried while I was on duty.
    I know that being a police officer & a security officer are "apples & oranges" for training. But not knowing the detailed information about my primary duty firearm is an important part of my job. But that's only my opinion for what it's worth.
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    Please tell me this is not typical... I can't believe that I know more about guns and ammunition that ANY county sheriff...
    "Any" take in a lot of territory.

    I doubt you know as much as some, but probably more than some. Guns are a tool, nothing more, nothing less. Some people are in to tools, look at the Snap-On slaesman. Others are not, like me and the computer I use at work. I couldn't tell you anything about it beyond how to turn it on and what to "click" on to get a certain program I need to perform my job.

    BTW: I'm in to guns, and without looking I wouldn't be able to tell you what Model of gun they issued me. I know how to make it function, and can "run it", but don't ask me the boring questions about it, like what Model, etc, etc, as I really don't care. I have a pretty good idea what bullets are in the issued gun though, as I loaded the magazines, and had to open the box of ammo to do so.

    Now, if you want to talk about my personal weapons, that's a different story. I "like" those, otherwise I wouldn't own them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PointnClick View Post
    I was a little surprised. I said that I thought that a patrol officer would be keenly aware of the details of her weapon, her duty ammo...
    Since this is in the LEO forum - quid pro quo...a lot of civilians know details and specs of gun and ammo and the name of the cow that became their holster, but don't know how to run that gun.

    My Officers may not be "into it" but they are proficient and can do more than punch holes in paper. Beginners talk about gear and skill. Experienced gunmen talk about mindset and tactics.
    Training means learning the rules. Experience means learning the exceptions.

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    No offense, but I'm baffled by this:

    Quote Originally Posted by PointnClick View Post
    I've seen people advise others to ask the local police what ammunition they use, and to use that as your SD round.
    Seems there are so many other factors. In reality, I've done my research and am confident with what I carry. I really don't care what my local police force, or my two next door neighboors (both officers in surrounding county PDs) carry.

    Back to your question though, it doesn't surprise me at all. We had a reservist in who was the deputy chief of his local PD. I asked his about weapons, and though he knew a lot (because he had been around them so long) he really wasn't into them and didn't like them and more than he needed one for his job. Someone with that attitude and less time around them is likely not to know much about the gear. Of course, he blew straight through the qual course, scoring expert at an outdoor range in 30 degree windy weather; supporting the argument that just because someone doesn't like them, doesn't mean they can't use one!
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    This doesn't surprise me.

    The fact that a person is a LEO or not has little bearing on whether or not they are proficient with a firearm.

    I have seen many LEO's at various IPSC competitions. The ones who were really into firearms were very good shooters.

    I talked with some who were lousy shooters and most of them said that they just recently became interest in guns and just wanted to see what IPSC was all about. Some of these guys had been cops for years.

    I think sometimes we are as guilty as anyone else in making assumptions about LEO's and their work.

    Since the statistics show that most LEO's never get involved in a shootout and most also never have to draw their gun in the line of duty, it appears that a firearm is a minor part of the job.

    I figure that there is a heck of a lot more to law enforcement than carrying a gun.

    In any case, I choose to be responsible for my protection instead of deferring to anyone else, cop or otherwise.
    fortiter in re, suaviter in modo (resolutely in action, gently in manner).

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    Its my observation that most of the cop that I know arent "into" guns.
    The ones that are, are very good shots.

    Some struggle just to qualify. Others cant wait for the day. Most will do it because they have too.
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    Contrary to a popular belief, shooting is a very small part of an LEO training and work.
    Considering my level of knowledge, and the research I have done, and still do, I consider myself much more qualified in ammo and gun performances and choices than any PD, especially as my needs are not the same as theirs.
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    It is true that a lot if not most LEO are not into guns. Its such a small percentage of the job, it really doesn't have much to do with the daily ins and outs of the average patrol officer. Out of a 1000 things the street cop as to have a working knowledge of, firearms is right around the 8-900 range. Yup, its down there that far.

    I guess people make assumptions they shouldn't make. Go figure.

    However, people seem to forget or just not know that self defense or firearms training in general is not just range time. That is just a very superficial "tip of the ice burg" look at what is involved. Trust me, there is far more to it.

    Now, the guys that have had special assignments such as narcotics, SWAT/SRT and a host of others get more firearms training that pertains to what the general public perceives as shooting skill or pistol craft. Don't fool with some of these guys, they'll eat you up.
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    Not that the jobs are anywhere the same, but it is just like any other job. Some people are totally into every aspect of it, some just do their job and go home after their shift. Think about an auto mechanic. Some can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about how a certain part works, others can tell you if it doesn't work replace it, they just aren't into it. It's the same with computer techs, some can tell you every little aspect of the computer, some do what they have to and never delve deeper into them.

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    For a lot of officers their weapon is just a tool of the trade. Like a mechanic and his wrenches. I don't particularly worry if a mechanic can't tell me what alloy or even brand his wrenches and sockets are just if he knows how to use them.
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    The surprise probably comes from how LEO are treated like they're "special" when it comes to carrying a gun. That is not the LEOs fault though...that's the government that treats them differently. Especially here in VA.
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