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Thread: Adopted A Soldier

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    "and a lot of time a unit will just set up one account for the whole group."

    I like that idea also. - Great post thanks.

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    If any body wants to adopt a solider over here pm me cause my unit is over here till about Aug. If you pm me I'll send you the adress and you can put any solider at this address and it will be given to soliders that don't get many boxes.
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    I had a cousin's son that was in Iraq and I sent things for him and his buddies - but then didn't know how to send things after he came home.

    Recently I became friends with a woman who was a Col. in the Army in 'Nam and she still works with Vets through the Dayton Veterans Hospital. She knows a neurosurgeon who left a couple weeks ago for Afghanistan.

    I am excited to know someone again to send things to. I already started collecting things.

    Let me ask those of you who were there --- would you rather get "homemade" goodies or store bought? I am torn here. I make great cookies and stuff, and know how to pack them well, as I send stuff to friends all over the country and sent to Nathan when he was in Iraq -- but how do you feel about getting stuff like that from someone you don't know?

    Since I will be sending to a hospital/medic for distributing --- can you think of anything else I might send, since those folks might have extra time on their hands due to recovery time? Also for nurses/staff? The Col.nurse I know suggested Corn Huskers for the staff, hard mint candy for those coming out of surgery for dry mouth... and lots of kool-aid etc single packs....

    My brother died in Nam- ironically, this Col. was the nurse that was with him when he died -- SO odd how we met, at a gardening plant swap! LOL... but she has the journals to show her log of treating him - there is no doubt -- all you service people have always been extra special to me. I know people that say "support the troops" but I really try to do it.

    A couple months ago, I organized a clothing/household goods drive for the veterans being treated at the Dayton Vets hospital through my work. We had a LOT of nice stuff. It wasn't much for me to do, but hopefully it helped them out a lot.

    Some good suggestions above - but if anyone knows anything specific for medic/staff/patients - I would love to hear it....

    also on the home made cookie stuff.... I won't bother if store bought would be "safer" and more likely to be eaten....

    hugs to you all.

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    I word of advice, if anyone plans on sending cookies or poptarts or the like be sure you pack it so it isn't loose at all or it will be powder by the time it gets over here.

    My Lady, bless her heart, sent me some cookies and they were atomized by the time they got over here. They were still pretty tasty. :-)

    Your support makes our jobs easier. Thanks to all of you!
    "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." ~Thomas Jefferson~

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    No problem. I and many others appreciate all that you do, and if showing that appreciation in some small way helps y'all deal with the things that are happening in the sandbox, all the better.

    I did my 20 on submarines, 6 month deployments, no family contacts at all unless you had a port call somewhere. That was a little tough. Of course after I retired the boats got e-mail via satellite, and each crew member is allowed to send and receive 1 per day. Much better than nothing.
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    From me to all of you guys, for those that dont know, when a soldier over here get something as small as a piece of mail, it makes you feel great.

    Its like a little piece of america just sent to you.. Its a great feeling.... Thanks to all have sent needed supplies and needed words of care and support..

    Baghdad Iraq

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    Mike, thanks for this great post. I will get this done Today and as often as I can from now on! And I will pass this on to everybody I know!
    [One Nation Under God]

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    I had a question about this. Has anyone seen This Site. I'm guessing it's legit but these days you never know..

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    ^^^ look legit but i dont know

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    Soldiers Angels is a great organization. I have adopted several soldiers over the past 4 years and have been involved in various fundraisers for our military personnel.

    Soldiers' Angels - Soldiers' Angels

    It is legit.

    It was started by Patti Patton Bader -- General Patton's granddaughter.

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    Thank you all that send things to Soldiers and other Service Members. It makes a HUGE difference to those Soldiers that don't have anyone to send them regular mail.

    I wish I had checked out this thread awhile ago, I would have gathered some names. The FRGs will usually get most of the single Soldiers, but some don't get much. I am less than 30 days from home, so all I want right now is time to hurry.

    If you don't have a Soldier overseas to send mail to maybe you can help in another way. When you gather older, gently used, clothing, furniture, or other useful stuff, take it to your nearest Military Post and donate to the enlisted Soldier's club. Other services may call them by another name. These are Goodwill type organizations that support young military families. Believe it or not, young Soldiers do not get paid nearly enough to do what they do.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or just ask on here. My wife has been known to receive mailed donations from family and friends that she takes to the ESC herself.

    Thank you again to those that have supported deployed Soldiers. It is always nice to feel like Americans back home are looking out for us.
    "When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the
    scabbard." -General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

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