An Alarming video every Westerner should see

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Thread: An Alarming video every Westerner should see

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    Exclamation An Alarming video every Westerner should see

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    I agree. Most Americans have no clue.
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    He needs a dirt nap.
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    The collective American memory is frighteningly short. The current administration thinks we can negotiate with these animals. I sure do miss G.W. and Cheney right about now.

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    What a scary mindset this man possesses, but he is not alone in his sentiments. How can our leaders be lulled into believing that they would be open to friendly relations with the Western world? Just seems kind of crazy. Are Islamo-fascists the New Third Reich, quite possibly.

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    Tough to negotiate with someone from that framework. Why try......
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    Thats some scary stuff right there. How does a civilian defend against a threat like this/these? There are so many ways to obliterate a populous and most sheep live in total denial. Personally, I expect something everyday from these people.
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    I wonder were We will be in a few years. With the people in power in the USA now. I hate to think about it.

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    So y'all bought the propaganda? Anthrax won't kill 330K in one hour. The speaker notes that it will if spread correctly and so there is no need for timing, conspiracies, etc. Well timing and conspiracies are exactly what he is talking about.

    They probably do have labs and scientists, but contrary to the speaker, many of the folks fighting on their side do live in places such as caves, LOL.

    The Michigan nuclear facility does not provide electricity to all of North America. It may be on the grid and as such, all such facilities provide said power. So it isn't particularly unique in that regard.

    Yeah, there are bad people out there that don't like the US. No doubt about it. Some are in the US as noted by the speaker. Some are not. They talk big and talk often. It is done to generate fear. I see it is working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy View Post
    Yeah, there are bad people out there that don't like the US. No doubt about it. Some are in the US as noted by the speaker. Some are not. They talk big and talk often. It is done to generate fear. I see it is working.
    Some are Americans and ditto your comments.

    As for the negotiating comment I am reminded of a phrased used often...perhaps you have heard it:

    Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

    Food for thought and QK is right, most Americans have no so many things.


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    Double Naught Spy - I would imagine that the speaker was trying to talk it up for his audience, maybe not necessarily trying to scare westerners. It looks like a classic case of spinning numbers to get the right message across. I would imagine 4 pounds of anthrax would be enough to infect 330,000 people, IF it were spread properly and wind and weather conditions were just right. I strongly doubt that ANY of the people infected would be dead within an hour (barring paniced stampedes and such) more like days, or weeks. Plus a large number of those people would survive. Is it still scary? you betcha! Should we take these people seriously? absolutely!
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    Spooky, but real. Everyone is so hard on President Bush, he did keep the world (not just the U.S.) safe for a little while. I miss him. I'm embarrassed by the SISSIFICATION of America. We have to be politically correct so we don't offend people like this in our own country, don't want to hurt their feelings (while the whole world laughs at us). I miss the old America, the America I was so proud of growing up. I am still proud of MOST OF US, and I still get chills when I hear our National Anthem, but it's not quite the same America that it used to be. The thing that scares me the most is what our country is becoming and obama is speeding up the process.
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    Interesting... I think he needs to get a better definition of "redneck". I know a few... I think they last thing they would want to do is destroy a US nuclear power plant... but... umm... whatever Mr. Crazy man says.

    It is true most Americans don't have any clue how vulnerable they truly are. And that... is what scares me most.
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    And there is allot more


    Video clips of Middle Eastern hatred of America.

    It’s very alarming, but what is one to do.

    We have to keep on living our lives, and “trust” our Government to provide a safe country. Sure we can carry a pistol, but defending our family and ourselves against WMD is beyond what an individual can do.

    My dad is a good friend of a Doctor who built an entire house, into the side of a mountain. This 300 acre farm looks like any other farm, only it has a separate bomb shelter.

    The only indication that it is there is a steel door that looks like a bank vault door, followed by a hallway and then another steel door.
    It has an air cleaning system, with solar power to charge batteries.
    Generator and storage of natural gas to power that generator for a long long time.

    Underground storage of gasoline for farm equipment, along with seed.
    In the house, storage room is food, and water to last him and his family a year. Ammo and weapons, and just about everything else a person would need to survive.

    My point is, most of us don’t have the money for such a place. So what choice do we have other than calling and emailing our Congressmen and Senators and expressing our concerns.

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    I agree that this does seem to be some scare propoganda, but that doesnt change the fact that these people will try as best they can to follow through. We may not be able to effectively protect ourselves from chemical/nuclear/biological attacks, but we can (and most of us have a head start) protect ourselves and families from the panicked(sp?) sheep during the civil unrest that will likely follow. Be prepared
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