Said thank you to a soldier

Said thank you to a soldier

This is a discussion on Said thank you to a soldier within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was driving from Portland to Redmond to do some work for a small software company. At a rest stop, I saw a young man ...

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Thread: Said thank you to a soldier

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    Said thank you to a soldier

    I was driving from Portland to Redmond to do some work for a small software company. At a rest stop, I saw a young man with a black Enduring Freedom t-shirt. I walked up to him and greeted him. I do not look like a panhandler but he did have a look of what does this guy want. I asked him, "Has anyone ever come up to you and thank you for you service?" He said no. I said, "Well then let me be the first". I shook his hand and gave him a bunch of kudos. A big smile came on his face. I think I made his day.

    We don't do that enough.
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    I agree. and I do that also.
    I have also paid for a tank of gass for an army guy.
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    You guys are awesome. Thanks for your support.

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    Thank you ExactlyMyPoint. It does make my day when someone thanks me, or I see someone thank a service member in uniform. Because I know that they are not only thanking that particular individual, but all of us who serve. Is always good to be reminded that there are some people that actually appreciate the job we do.
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    I make it a point to shake hands with every soldier I cross paths wife and I have also purchased quite a few meals to young soldiers out for a bite here in our town...we enjoy doing that and the soldiers always 'smile'...they're worth it.

    Stay armed...makd a soldier's day...stay safe!
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    Thank you, you can't say it enough. I do whenever I see someone in active duty dress or a veteran.
    A simple handshake and a thank you is always appreciated, if you have the opportunity to do more, even better.
    A good friend is a WWII vet and 84 years young. I enjoy getting together with Bob, for a lunch or dinner, as often as I can, my treat of course.
    Bob is also a member of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, and has been fishing for 76 years. Being older and on a limited income, he no longer has a boat, but you can bet there is always an open seat in mine, whenever he wants to go.
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    When that happens to me it is two fold for me. I don't like to be the center of attention and just want to live my life. However it is also nice to be thanked too.

    ExactlyMyPoint Thank you for doing that you never know you may have made his day or just made it a little better.
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    I do the same, I also thank someone if I see a "My Son..." or "My Daughter..." shirt or bumper sticker. I will also stick a thank you note in the door of a house if they are flying a service flag, luckily I have never come across a gold star flag.
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    I always say thank you when I see a soldier
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    I work for an airline so I fly for free, if there is 1st Class available I can sit there. Whenever I get first and a soldier gets on, the first one I see is the grand prize winner of a handshake, a thank you, and a first class seat!
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    Thank You EMP! Being Active Duty and having someone come up and say that is awkward but means so much more that even the service member realizes at the time.

    It's only happened to me a couple of times in the last 17 years but I remember the face of each of them......and the humble awkardness of being reconginized like that.

    Again, Thank You

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    I've received a few and given many, especially to those whose service preceeded my own. It's tough to beat eye contact with a plain old sincere "Thanks." Nothing more, nothing less.
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    I wanted to write thank you on a poster board and pin it to my chest last weekend because I said it so much. We went to an army air show at Cecil Field and I met many men and women who had just gotten back from Iraq....some had just gotten back the day before.

    PS - I need a ride in a F-15 Eagle if anyone gets a chance, THANKS!
    "Being armed gives you options"

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    Thanks. These people really deserve it, if anyone does.

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    I'd gone for breakfast at our little local restaurant.
    A lad walked in wearing digital camo and the issue desert boots. He was known to the waitresses and I over heard them talking about his deployment, and how short a time he had on leave.
    My meal was half way eaten before he'd placed his order -- the timing was perfect -- when I went up to the register I discreetly asked the waitress how much the young fellow's tab was.
    She said it was ten dollars and change.
    I handed her a twenty and said "His money is no good here. Tell him an old man who remembers sunrise over Saigon says thank you."
    I have thanked soldiers to their face.
    This one was busy eating and I did not want to trouble his meal.
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