I'm mentioning this in the LEO section because I think there are lessons to be learned from this book that will only benefit a LEO.

I just read a book by William R. Daniel, "Shootout at Miricle Valley". This book details the early 1980's deadly confrontation between a church group and local law enforcement. When I say local, I do mean local. I know some of the people in the book and was in the area when this happened. I was in High School.

I am amazed, although I shouldn't be, at the restraint shown by the Sheriff, his Deputies and local residents of the area. This could've gotten a lot worse, and probably should have. It reads like a study in human behavior and how in a moment of crisis each man is his own island while trying to be part of a union.

It also shows some of the character, or lack thereof of certain national figures that I wouldn't give a drink of water to if they were dying of thirst. Anyway, if any of you get the chance you might want to check this book out. It's published by Wheatmark.

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