Ok one final question

Ok one final question

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Thread: Ok one final question

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    Ok one final question

    Ok one final question..what is Police Academy really like?

    I am going to have to get Pepper Sprayed right?

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    It's fun and a piece of cake! Even fat guys can do it. Haven't you watched the Police Academy movies? j/k Have no idea.

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    It depends on the Academy they are all different. It will also depend on your age and physical ability. I was pepper sprayed and shot with a stun gun.
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    It depends on what department you hire out with. It can be a city, county, state or federal academy. Each will have training designed to their specific function as well as training that is geared to law enforcement in general.
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    It's widely varied.
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    If you are lucky, you will get tased in addition to being pepper sprayed.

    Its an experience as a whole, but what exactly it is like depends on who hires you.

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    Not only do the various academies vary but wherever you go it can be what you make of it. Put in the effort, take more out. Try to do the minimum, get the minimum. The instructors I had appreciated questions and challenges and went out of their way to find answers to questions they didn't immediately know (there weren't many) and to bring in knowledge experts for a more in-depth treatment of some subjects. As to pepper spray, we had our choice. Most of my class, and I, chose Fox Labs and we each got a good dose of a stream, not a spray. Someone likened it to bobbing for french fries while they were still cooking and I wouldn't disagree. However, after 45 minutes or so with my face stuck in a spray of water, it started to feel better. I think the anticipation is worse than the actual but the actual is not something I'll be going back for seconds on. At the same time, that is a very small part of the overall experience so just make the most of it while you are there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    It's widely varied.
    +1...some academies are dependent on the mission of the agency. Our state police subscribes to a "one riot...one ranger" type mentality. It is considered very tough to get through. Our "basic" (Sheriff's and local PD) is at the same facility and is also tough because it is taught by the same instructors. It is shorter and tends to have a littel more "wiggle" room as far as rigidness.
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    Smile Makes about as much sense

    Makes about as much sense as them shooting you so you know how that feels.

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    It's all in the mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErikGr7 View Post
    Ok one final question..what is Police Academy really like?

    I am going to have to get Pepper Sprayed right?
    Silly as it may sound, I liked every one of those movies and laughed my head off.
    I hear Police Academy 8 is in the works as we speak.
    Police Academy 8 In The Works : Empire Movies

    On a lighter note.......they never told me I would be tear gassed when I signed up for the Marines, so don't feel bad.

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    depends on where you are, here was my experience:

    we got pepper sprayed, tazed, CS gassed, beat each other up for a couple weeks of mechanics of arrest/defensive tactics (yours truly broke 2 ribs, and pulled a few muscles, others had broken fingers, twisted knees/ankles, busted lips, sprained wrists), beat on each other with padded (didn't feel like it) batons during our "instruction/certification" class (everyone had bruises all over inside/outside of legs & arms), week of firearms training, 5 months of very demanding physical training (running, running stairs, running, lifting weights, running, cross-fit training, running, wall climbing, and did I mention running?) 7 hours a day sitting in a classroom for 6 months (except when doing the hands-on stuff mentioned above)
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    When I went to the academy, I was overweight and out of shape. On my final run through the obstacle course, I finished with 56 seconds to spare. Anyone can do it if they try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Landric View Post
    If you are lucky, you will get tased in addition to being pepper sprayed.

    Its an experience as a whole, but what exactly it is like depends on who hires you.
    Naw. If he's lucky he'll get a 5 second full deployment from a taser and get sprayed with Freeze +P.

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