Who Remembers C-Rats?

Who Remembers C-Rats?

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Thread: Who Remembers C-Rats?

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    Who Remembers C-Rats?

    Saw this in Army Times this week and couldn't resist!

    WASHINGTON Forty years later, Henry A. Moak Jr. still loves his pound cake.

    The Army colonel popped open a military C-ration can of pound cake from 1969 at his retirement ceremony, and dug in.

    Moak got the drab olive can as a Marine helicopter pilot off the Vietnamese coast in 1973. He vowed to hang on to it until the day he retired, storing it in a box with other mementos.

    After a formal retirement ceremony, dozens of friends and relatives joined Moak in the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes as he opened the can to cheers. Moak joked earlier this week that he hoped the can wouldn't explode. It let off a whooshing sound as the pressure seal broke.

    "It smells good," Moak said as he put a handful in his mouth. He jokingly staggered back a few feet and loudly cleared his throat, while one person yelled out, "Eeww, gross!"

    Moak pronounced the cake "good."

    "It's even a little moist," he said, wiping his mouth. He dared anybody "gutsy" enough to join him, and retired Lt. Gen. Paul T. Mikolashek, who was the U.S. Army Europe commander when Moak served overseas, took an even bigger piece.

    "Tastes just like it always did," Mikolashek mumbled with a mouthful of cake as Moak laughed and clapped.

    Moak said he wasn't worried about getting sick from any bacteria that may have gotten into the old can because it looked sealed. But the military discourages eating from old rations.
    I remember the pound cake, and it WAS good!!

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    Yeah the pound cake was good as were "C's" in general . . . good thing he didn't hold on to a can of Ham & Lima Beans or Ham & MF'er's as we called them.
    BTW, I still have one of my original ('65 - '69) P-38's or John Wayne can openers as they were called.
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    I remember the pound cake,It was a small cans of cake that felt like it weighed a pound and I swear to god actually increased in size after you ate it.Some C rats were really good,others ...not so good,the bad thing was they were designed to be eaten cold,or heated but we never had the time to cook,unlike the MRE's of today
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    I always enjoyed eating C rats. To quote Forest Gump "They were like a box of chocolates; you never knew what you were going to get."
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    C-rats? I've heard of them...I was in the Air Force, and some of the slop they fed us in the chow hall wasn't even fit to be called gourmet.
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    I remember when I was in the Boy Scouts we took a camping trip into the Davis Mountains with some soldiers from Fort Hood and they brought some C-rations with them so we could see what the life of a soldier was like. We all were fed something called "Ham and Mothers" ( I am sure any vietnam era veteran knows about this particular delicacy), which gave everyone horrendous gas, as well as an afteraste that one had to experience to appreciate......

    Brave men, those soldiers that ate out of those cans.....
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    How could I forget C-Rats?! Favorite was the spaghetti & meatballs in a B2 unit. Hated the ham & lima beans. Liked the pimento cheese and fruit cocktail. The accessory pack with 4 cigarettes (good for trading, since I've never been a smoker).
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    I don't know who got the C-rats with the Marlboros/Winstons/Kool/Salems. I always got PallMall/Camels! A few days ago, one of my co-workers mentioned "beans and MFs". I haven't heard that term in YEARS!
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    Wow...Memories...Loved the pound cake..the fruit cocktail...ciggys for trading..coffee packs...even the spaghetti and meatballs were ok.....NEGATORY on the Ham and Limas....whew......AND I still have a couple original P-38's as well...thanks for bringin back the memories..
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    Green eggs and ham...yummy!
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    Anything was good after K-rats !!

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    I remember C-rats. I remember humping an ALICE pack full. Heavy, but worth it IMO. Real food for real Marines! C-rats were in high demand among the R.O.K. Marines just short of the DMZ in South Korea in 1983 when I was there. If you were willing to go hungry, you could trade them for creature comforts, medals, and other things. Used to get a small five pack of cigarettes in most of them, and a tightly wound package of AW (butt wipe). Real meat and potatoes, eggs and ham, and chocolate sometimes. Those were the days.

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    How can I ever forget. Some times we went weeks on those C-Rats. Of course there was the pound cake, crakers and cheese, ham and lima beans, peaches.

    There was one item that was sometimes included called date pudding. It was so bad that when we gave it to the Vietnamese children, they would give us the finger. Some contractor really got to the government on that one. However, as to all the others they were great -- much better than the current MRE's.

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    I liked the chocolate the best.

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    I was an Airdale, so I only had them a few times---------- I thought they were ok.

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